Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Easter Weekend was great because we got to spend it with family....but also very sad because it was the weekend of my Grandpa's funeral. 

I took the kids to the Easter Egg Hunt at the Golf Course....Kreighton is apparently too old for the Easter Bunny because she did not even want a picture with him!  The only picture I took....my big camera was out of commission. 

The kids had an Easter Egg Hunt at Mom and Dad's as well! 

I guess Kyle thought it was a little dangerous because he wore his helmet to be safe!

Out for Easter Brunch at PinOak (would not recommend) 

Daddy and Kael

Mommy and Kyle....and I loved their bow ties!

Fish Hatchery....I mean where else would you take small children dressed in their Sunday Best!

This place is awesome!

My favorite picture....besties!

"Come on Nolan....I will show you the way"

Catching a fish....that is ok...right?

Easter Egg Hunt at Great Grandma's!  Before Grandpa's Wake.

Thanks Aunt KiKi

Clara and Nolan!

Not sure what they are talking about!

My favorite picture front the weekend! Lawnmower rides....what we did all the time in Delhi...I loved it...I can still remember the rugs that Grandma would put down so we would not get dirty....Grandpa would pull all 6 of us  around for as long as wanted....as a kid I thought it was comparable to a roller coaster ride....now I realize it was actually really slow....but none the less I loved it and all the memories!

After this we all went to the funeral home for Grandpa's wake....it was long sad day but I feel so lucky to be able to have so many memories of my Grandpa....he was one of kind who honestly thought his kids/grandkids/great-grandkids were the  best at whatever they did!  I know that he is smiling down from heaven still supporting us at every step in life!

This is Easter 2008....Kreighton and Great-Grandpa...that is the smile I will forever remember him by!

He loved my Grandma more than anything....his eyes lit up whenever she was around and he was never afraid to tell anyone what a great women she was!

When Kael came home from the hospital....they were at Mom and Dad's to meet him! 
I get told a lot that Kael looks just Great-Grandpa Dean!

Kyle and Great-Grandpa

Friday, April 10, 2015

Catch Up......

Playing catch up....

The Leprechaun came to our house....we attempted to catch him but he managed to escape! But before he left he pulled some tricky tricks!

Hung Kyle's boots up!

Kreighton's tennis shoes

And Kael's boots!

Green Glitter and footprints everyone! With Skittles!

The trap he managed to escape from!

Wrote them a note on the mirror!

Put glitter on their pictures!! 

The kids were disappointed we did not catch Lucky this year....but our already planning for next year on a sneaky way to catch him!

I took Kreighton, Kyle, and Will to Shrek the Musical....it was in Independence Highschool  and 
was awesome....highly impressed that it was performed by only highschoolers! Krieghton with some of her favorites....Lindsay and Lauren!

Will, Kyle, and myself!

Getting a quick snack at intermission!

Got to spend a morning with this girl....too bad it was to take her to the ENT where  she got cleared to stop the drops....but she has this weird gap thing in her ears which could lead to a hole in her ear drum....the DR says she sees it maybe 3 times a year and Kreighton is ever so lucky to have it in both ears!  She did pass her hearing test so that is good which they were worried with her ruptured ear drum it could have caused hearing loss but it did not! So I guess we are lucky for that...

I came down with Strep throat....which was terrible....I do not think I have it for over 25 years and I was miserable....Kreighton made me this super sweet card and Fred took all 3 kids out for supper so I could rest. 

Kreighton had her music concert and had to dress like the 80s....this was the outfit she picked out!

The boys and I went to AirFx and they loved it!

Happy Boys!

Kyle had a visit to the ENT where they pulled out one tube...they tried for the other but Kyle was having nothing to do with that! However they put his tube in a treasure box and the "tube" fairy came while he was sleeping! We are going back for the 2nd one....I am bribing him with a stuffed gator....if he does not let them pull it out in the office they have to put him to sleep and do it that way....which we do not want!

The kids all got hurt....or not they pulled an April Fools trick on Aunt Sissy and Uncle Brad!

And this happened...they had a sleepover in the boys' room...Kreighton read them their book and they slept all night!

I made bread....that is right my 1st time ever with Jude for 1st  Communion...I would have to say we did a pretty good job!

And things are getting busier and busier with soccer and softball starting up....but we are excited and can't wait for summer and nice weather!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Kansas City

Fred and I decided to go to Kansas City to the Big 12s....Fred was going to support the Cyclones and I was going for nice weather and good company!  And yes I may have thrown on some ISU apparel....I think it might have been the biggest scandal to hit the community of Winthrop in some while (Craig Moroney's daughter wearing red and yellow....WHAT!)  I say that because I am still hearing about it :) I did pack Hawkeye apparel that I would have proudly worn if they would NOT have lost 1st round of the Big 10!

Melissa (who is also a Hawkeye Fan....even works for the U of I) Andrea, and myself!

Fred, Rocky, and Jim

Super blurry but this was the 1st night...Jim and Fred were so excited they reminded me of  10 year old little boys running and jumping around!

Fred and myself....at Light and Power...which is C-RAZY!  I mean it....so many people you could hardly move....not my thing!

We pretty much just went to Kellys every night...it was an all Iowa State bar (besides a couple annoying outsiders)

And then why not find an a run to do while in Kansas City....a 4 miles local run that was super fun I even ran it with no headphones by myself....and they handed out beer on the route (I did not not take one) and got his awesome green shirt!

And they handed out key lime pies at the end...I mean like everyone got their own!

Back at Kellys 

Blurry again....but Iowa State is #1!
As always I wish I would have taken more pictures but it was a great weekend with awesome company and I really want to visit Kansas City again! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day 3 and 4

The weather just got better and hotter the longer we were in AZ!  We loved it!  However friends in Iowa I think were getting sick of our snaps....because we started to get ones like this.....

We woke up and went on another hike!

It was another perfect morning!
With another family picture....beautiful mountains in the back!

We took advantage of the mini putt putt and took the kids golfing before the pools opened 

Boys in matching outfits!

Very Serious!

Mom got in on the action!

Suns Out Guns Out!

Kyle managed to get the most tan while we were there!

After Putt-Putt Fred took the boys to the Commodities Classic (some big farm thing) KP and I opted to stay and enjoy the sun!

They loved it....Kyle of course had to put jeans on! 
Checking out a new combine!

Through the waterfall!

One of my favorite snaps! 

A smoothie....boys were still at the farm thing so I only had to buy one!

The boys came back....having a snack they played and swam so hard that no matter what we fed them they ate!

Playing with Dad in the pool is the best!

The boys loved the hot tub!

This day Kreighton swam for 10 hours!  She made two little friends which is so awesome for her!

Fred just a big kid himself!

After the pool closed we went to another pool ordered pizza and swam for another couple of hours!  And once again the kids slept very well!

The last full day....woke up and went for another hike...I ran to the mountains and met Fred and the kids there!

We made it to the TOP!  This hike was awesome...a little more steep and got a little nervous because it got narrow and the kids could have slipped off the side so we turned around!

Kyle found the perfect place to mediatate!

Kreighton joined in on the fun!

A screenshot of the weather in Iowa!

After the hike....back to a full day at the pool!

Happy Day at the pool....so nice the kids can play on their own!

Here we are ready to leave....sad kids when I told them it was the last day!

Happy Kids!

Sad kids....Kael does not quite get the thumbs down!

Crazy kids!

The morning we were leaving....helping Dad flatten stuff to fit in the suitcase!

This day was by far the coolest of our whole trip which made leaving a little easier....but not much we all could have stayed longer!

Before we left KP and I took advantage of the tennis and basketball courts at the resort!

Her 1st time playing tennis...she had fun!


Look at the follow through!

Happy Girl!

KP left a note for the maids....which the kids loved that someone came in and cleaned our room while we were gone!

We packed up and left...:(  One of the 1st vacations I was on that I really really really did not want to go home!

Airport....Kael pulling his own suitcase....he might be the youngest  but does not want anyone to think that!

Checking out the Airplanes!

He was OUT on the airplane!!!!!

It was a perfect vacation....we all loved every part of it and all the kids want to go back!  Kreighton is already working on her Dad to go back next year....and trying to convince Grandpa Craig that next year that is what they should give us all for Christmas!  We are so happy that James and Bridget found this resort and so happy that our 1st true family vacation was a HUGE success!

Back in Iowa....KP ended up in Urgent Care with ear infection and ruptured ear drum....they said she probably had an infection before we left and all the swimming did not help it!  She was pretty miserable!