Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fall Races

I have a few pictures from races this fall....

!st Up Park to Park in Cedar Falls....I think this is the 3rd or 4th time I have ran this race....I love it because it is Cedar Falls and on Saturday! It was a perfect day for a run and over all a great race!  It was Angie 1st 1/2 and she rocked it!
My "Cheer team" Poor Kael gets left behind a lot....we should have a bought a triple stroller!

These 2 are veteran race cheerers! 
Monti 5k...5th Annual...I have ran all 5 and the last 3 years we have  ALL ran....or got pushed! So it is a sort of an annual family thing....I told Kreighton this was her last year of getting pushed and next year she would have to run in it on her own!
All done!  And all smiling!  Well not Kyle...but he was happy!
Kreighton and Grandpa Craig at the Omelet Breakfast at the bar after....they  were both medal winners!  Grandpa Craig's medal is still hanging up at the bar!

5k #2 of the day....a Color Run in Cedar Falls with Kreighton, Will, and Sissy!  

This 7 year old has done more than her fair share of 5ks in her lifetime!

Before the Race

Getting each other "Colored Up"

Afterwards lots of music and and Color Dust!

The kid loved it!

Happy Cousins!

It was a fun day....Will surprised us all and ran the 5k in 28 minutes...I had to sprint to keep up with legs were a little tired from my 1st 5k and from camping all weekend!

Kreighton Fall Sports!

This Fall Kreighton played Soccer and Flag was a crazy busy schedule which led to homework in the van, supper in the van, lot of movies in the van, and lots of driving in the van for Mom!  But she and myself loved every minute of it!  Our weekly schedule consisted of....

-Monday leave my house at 2:45 take Kael to gymnastics/tap...wait for Jess to get there with Kreighton and Kyle we would have gymnastics/dance until 4:30 then I would throw the kids in the as fast safe as I could to Independence (on our way there Kreighton would read her ELL books and I would sing crazy songs attempting to keep Kael awake because most Mondays he did not nap) where Kreighton would have soccer practice for 45 minutes...keep the boys entertained....sometimes feed them supper.

-Tuesday Kreighton had Flag Football Practice 

-Wednesday Soccer Practice followed by religion

-Thursday Flag Football Games

-Saturday Soccer Games....and an occasional make up Jazz/Hip Hop class 

And dare I say I kind of miss some of it!  

Kreighton playing a really cold/windy game in Dike....I think!

Kicking off...this whole Soccer thing is completely new to me....BUT learn a little more each game!

One of Kreighton's teammates Mom is a professional photographer!  

After the 1st game I realized I could not attempt to tell Kreighton what to do on the field....she told me "Mom stop telling me to go towards the ball....Ben says that we have to spread out and not ALL run towards the ball" I learned my lesson fast!
I am guessing she will not always be willing to smile on the field for a picture!
Laynee got to come and cheer on Kreighton on at a game!

Kreighton was lucky enough to be on Addie Lange's team...which was awesome that she knew someone and a bonus that Addie is a rockstar soccer player!

And her last game of the year ended up being against Jesup and she had to play against her cousin Peyton!

Next Up....Flag Football....where once again she was lucky enough to be on Addie's team and have Ben as her coach again!

The whole team....there were only 4 girls in the whole league and 3 were on this team!

Talking about plays!

Getting ready to go!

Ben being ever so patient with all the kids!

It was a fun fall we got to see the Langes...A LOT!
We can't wait for soccer to start next spring!  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pumpkin Farm!

In October we took the kids to Sherman Pumpkin Patch in was a beautiful day so the Lakes, Perrys, and Grandpa Craig joined us!

An attempt at a family photo!

Making the way through the corn maze

Kyle and Fred

The kids loved being "navigators"

Brad was really just a big kid himself ;)

And this was the hidden scarecrow that Uncle Brad was able to find!

A just Brad being silly!
Kyle....was meditating...

The kids joined in on the fun!

Kael trying to figure out what was going on 


Kael was convinced he was taking this pumpkin home!

This Pumpkin Guy's name was Fred!

This one is a little better!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Camping Labor Day Weekend

I have attempted to complete this post 3 times!  Every time the internet crashes!  

Our Labor Day weekend did not start out as we had hoped!  We had taken the campers over there the Sunday before because we had camped the weekend before in Manchester for Cockings wedding....and instead of dragging them home we just left them at we have done many times before!  Wednesday night Fred and I went over to fill the camper and get ready for the weekend....we locked our camper up at left about 9.  The kids and I went over Thursday after school we planned to stay since the boys do not have school on Friday....I got there and went to unpack our van....and I noticed our door looked funny....and then realized someone had used to something to pry it open....without thinking I opened the door....look in, saw our tv was gone, freaked out, realized me and my kids were the only ones in the WHOLE campground, thought oh sh*t what if whoever robbed us is still here, and threw my kids back in the van!  Drove to the road called, Fred, the cops, Sara (I noticed their door had also been pryed open as well) Jayme,  and then my Dad!  Finally the cops came....and I felt safe to go back in my camper and realized the only thing they took was our TV....did not even mess with our clothes or food...and if they would have been smart robbers they would have realized my diamond ring was in the bathroom (yes I know stupid to leave it there) So even though we had just been robbed....I was happy they only took the TV and did not rummage through all of our things!  Of course it did scare the kids a bit....and they all talked about it A LOT all weekend....but I just keep thinking it could have been worse!

The cop dusting for prints!

The boys....being boys!

Breakfast time!

Jody Larson was a smart one and brought was a big hit!

For some reason whenever James shows up to the campground he ends up playing some kind of sport activity with the kids!

Clay/Carter with Kyle!  They both do such a good job of playing with the little ones!

Jayme gave the girls 1st Class treatment with pedicures!

Fred with baby CJ!

CJ with the ladies!

These 2....crack me up!

They have the same smile!


Not sure if Nolan should be listening to these 2 tell stories!

And it would not be Labor Day weekend unless we took a trip to the creek!


Look Mom!

Who says girls don't like to get dirty!

1 2 3 JUMP!

We were supposed to cover ourselves in mud....right!


And ever so sweet Markia....who is willing to entertain the little kids and put up with us adults!

Laynee, Markia, Kreighton, and Lindsay!

Sweet Whitney

It was a great weekend....except for the break-in and the thunderstorm they threatened us with....which totally freaked me out....bc of course that was the night that Fred was Jayme was a super friend and slept in my camper....I think since being caught in the storm this summer with the kids on the side of the road I will for a long time be scared of storms!