Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day 3 and 4

The weather just got better and hotter the longer we were in AZ!  We loved it!  However friends in Iowa I think were getting sick of our snaps....because we started to get ones like this.....

We woke up and went on another hike!

It was another perfect morning!
With another family picture....beautiful mountains in the back!

We took advantage of the mini putt putt and took the kids golfing before the pools opened 

Boys in matching outfits!

Very Serious!

Mom got in on the action!

Suns Out Guns Out!

Kyle managed to get the most tan while we were there!

After Putt-Putt Fred took the boys to the Commodities Classic (some big farm thing) KP and I opted to stay and enjoy the sun!

They loved it....Kyle of course had to put jeans on! 
Checking out a new combine!

Through the waterfall!

One of my favorite snaps! 

A smoothie....boys were still at the farm thing so I only had to buy one!

The boys came back....having a snack they played and swam so hard that no matter what we fed them they ate!

Playing with Dad in the pool is the best!

The boys loved the hot tub!

This day Kreighton swam for 10 hours!  She made two little friends which is so awesome for her!

Fred just a big kid himself!

After the pool closed we went to another pool ordered pizza and swam for another couple of hours!  And once again the kids slept very well!

The last full day....woke up and went for another hike...I ran to the mountains and met Fred and the kids there!

We made it to the TOP!  This hike was awesome...a little more steep and got a little nervous because it got narrow and the kids could have slipped off the side so we turned around!

Kyle found the perfect place to mediatate!

Kreighton joined in on the fun!

A screenshot of the weather in Iowa!

After the hike....back to a full day at the pool!

Happy Day at the pool....so nice the kids can play on their own!

Here we are ready to leave....sad kids when I told them it was the last day!

Happy Kids!

Sad kids....Kael does not quite get the thumbs down!

Crazy kids!

The morning we were leaving....helping Dad flatten stuff to fit in the suitcase!

This day was by far the coolest of our whole trip which made leaving a little easier....but not much we all could have stayed longer!

Before we left KP and I took advantage of the tennis and basketball courts at the resort!

Her 1st time playing tennis...she had fun!


Look at the follow through!

Happy Girl!

KP left a note for the maids....which the kids loved that someone came in and cleaned our room while we were gone!

We packed up and left...:(  One of the 1st vacations I was on that I really really really did not want to go home!

Airport....Kael pulling his own suitcase....he might be the youngest  but does not want anyone to think that!

Checking out the Airplanes!

He was OUT on the airplane!!!!!

It was a perfect vacation....we all loved every part of it and all the kids want to go back!  Kreighton is already working on her Dad to go back next year....and trying to convince Grandpa Craig that next year that is what they should give us all for Christmas!  We are so happy that James and Bridget found this resort and so happy that our 1st true family vacation was a HUGE success!

Back in Iowa....KP ended up in Urgent Care with ear infection and ruptured ear drum....they said she probably had an infection before we left and all the swimming did not help it!  She was pretty miserable!  

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Arizona Day 1 & 2

The end of February we took the kids on a vacation....the last two years we took winter trips for Pioneer this year we decided maybe it was time to include the kids!  After Shannon's party in AZ I told Fred we should go there...the resort was awesome and super kid friendly....we looked into it but it was a bit too pricey....so James and Bridget had found this one and we looked into and the rooms were over 1/2 the price so we decided to go for it!

At the airport...to say these kids were excited was an understatement!

"Kyle this way"

Waiting for our airplane....while we were waiting Great Aunt and Uncle Jim and Cindy came down the escalator so it was fun to see them!

Kreighton wanted to sit by me....the boys wanted their Dad.....lucky me!

What did we do before IPADS!  Made the flight so easy!

Kreighton had "homework" to write in her journal every day....she took it very serious and started on the place!

The flight went great....it helped that Big Hero 6 had just came out....so it kept the kids happy and entertained!
We landed in AZ later....like 9ish and by the time we go to the hotel it was after 11 and we carried 3 tired kids up to our room! 
Our 1st official AZ picture in front of a cactus!
The 1st morning we walked around our hotel....went to the grocery store and waited for the pool to open up!

And it did!



Me too Mom!

And Kreighton.....she decided on the trip she wants to do swim team....I told her it might too much for her this summer and she would have to do a lot of swimming....so she took it upon herself to show me how much swimming she could really do so she swam lap after lap after lap....it is still up in the air if swim team is an option for the summer!

A little cool the 1st day in the morning....but most of the time we were some of the only ones in the pool!

Maybe he will take a nap???? 
He did not....BUT all 3 boys took a nap!
KP and I tried but could not....so we went on a walk and enjoyed the sun!

And then the super lucky girl go to go to the spa and get a "kids massage"
My siblings and families got me a gift certificate to the spa for my birthday so she go to join in on the fun!

Once the boys woke up we headed back to the pool for more swimming and stayed there until closing which was 6 during the week....which is not a problem since there were a couple more pools on the resort....we decided to go to a nearby Mexican Restaurant and eat.

Keighton and Mom....the only time I put make-up during the whole trip!

After we ate we put our suits on and went swimming....again!  And then to bed not surprised but the kids were all tired!

The next morning we decided to try going on a hike!  

The kids were also excited about this!

All three happy kids!

Taking a break!

She of course was the most excited and wanted to go farther and farther!

The boys checking out rocks!

And throwing them!


Mom and the kids!  The carrier for Kael I had not used in a long time....but it came into great use while on trip...he was a little too big for it...but it still worked!

And the kids did great on the hike....I could not believe it really....Kyle is usually my  kid that  gets tired really easily and whines and wants to be carried....but he thought this was awesome!

Taking a break and look very old!
It was here that we realized we had lost Kael's sunglasses......I never thought we would find them but.....

We did!

Well Kreighton was the 1st one to spot them!

And she was happy!

Family Selfie!

At the bottom we got a family picture!

We got back and got ready for the pool!  I think the clock says 10:30 and the kids were excited they  were in their suits that early....and I may have sent this picture out to all of our jealous Iowa Friends!

Since we were doing so much swimming I thought I was being proactive by putting  drops in Kreighton's ears at night to dry them out....HOWEVER after one drop she literally cried/screamed for 15 minutes because it hurt so bad....I felt terrible....she cried herself to sleep and I promised I would never ever put them in her ears again...so here she is throwing them away!

Took a break for Dippin Dots!

Gave the boys more energy!

And Dad....bc this kept the boys entertained for a while!

Higher Daddddy!

Fighting over the ball!

So fun!

And KP and Mom relaxed poolside!

The 2nd Day we did not nap....so got something to eat and all the kids were asleep before 7 swimming and  the time difference knocked them right out! Fred and I stayed up and watched the Iowa State game!  All the rooms were suites...which was so nice so we did not have to go to bed that early with the kids!