Thursday, April 28, 2016


Working backwards...again! 

This winter seemed pretty mild which meant the times the kids got to play in the snow seemed far and in between! 
This was a random night....where the snow was perfect for a snowman!
Daddy was the helper and I took the pictures!
Happy kids!

Boy being boys!


The finished project...Tim the snowman! 

Last year you could pay $5 and the kids could swim at the hotel in Independence...but it is under new management and you cannot do that anymore! But the kids really wanted to I found a hotel in Evansdale...I am telling you my kids have the best Mom :) 


Kael was loving life in the pool....and when he has a lifejacket on I do NOT have to get in the water...I have been looking forward to this for 8 years...being able to watch my kids swim...not having to swim with them! 

He seriously loved it! 

3 cheers for swimming!

I loved swimming as a kid and love swimming and pools in general so to see my kids  love swimming as much as I did/do makes me so happy! 

Kreighton might look like she is shoving Kael under the water...but she is helping him swim...I see a lifegaurd/swim lessons teacher in this girl's future! 

Scratch Cupcakes...we actually went into the store and they each got to pick one out! 

BIG bite!

Happy Kid...and when he USED to like the Hawkeyes :(

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Baby Dean

Dean Allen Lake finally decided to join our family on 1.30.16 early in the morning at 3:15. Shannon called me Friday morning and said we could not go and get our massages because her water had broke...ok well first she texted me and then I called her! I still went and got my massage so I got to stop at the hospital to see her on the way home and hang out for a couple of hours!

4 Happy kids!

Kyle wore his Packers Jersey...Dean got one for X-mas and Kyle was hoping he would have it on at the hospital...I told him that he would not...but Kyle was hoping just maybe!

Kyle loved holding him!

All the blonde hair...the kids called him Spike

I think Dean will always look up to his big cousin Kyle

Will taking a turn!

Kreighton and Dean....I have a feeling she will be on baby sitting duty (someone has to repay Sissy for everything she did for our family through the years)

Aunt KiKi and Dean

Kreighton and Sissy...always have had a special relationship...since birth...Kreighton and Sissy spent A LOT of time together snuggling in the recliner!  And through the years Kreighton has got to do a lot of fun things with Sissy through the years!

Kael trying to pretend he is still a baby!

Their "Sissy" is now a Mommy!

No one wanted to miss out on Dean's diaper change!

Grandpa and Dean

 A lot of people think he looks like his Big Cousin Kael

I am smiling Mom

Aunt Maggie and Dean

Dean on top and Kael on bottom in the hospital!

Dean has been a perfect addition to the family...he is never has to worry about lacking attention and the kids love being able to spoil him!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Wrestling....Part 1

To say that wrestling was a big part of our lives this winter is a slight understatement! BUT in the same breath I can say we had a lot of fun with wrestling!

The wrestling boys at a high school wrestling meet....super cool they let the little kids be involved and get announced!

This was at Dyersville Beckman....Keenan, Clay, Kyle and Carter!

Kyle wrestling....have no idea if he won or lost...Fred could look at this picture and instantly remember if Kyle won or lost and remember how and the score....

At it again!

Staying tough

Fred coaching Kyle afterwards...they both loved it...and I loved watching to two of them together!

And after every match Kyle had his Dad right there no matter what!  I am guessing he  lost by his face...and Fred is saying "did you have fun? Because that is all that matters"

Kyle had to wrestle Keenan Brockmeyer at a hard bc they are wrestling buddies and wrestle   together at practice....both Dads down there telling the boys to "Just have Fun"

Kyle vs Keenan

Kyle ended up beating Keenan...but could easily go either way

Happy Boys!

Once again...have no idea where this meet is at....BUT Kyle looks like he is winning!

It is Alburnett....Kyle wrestling tough with a bloody nose!

And gets the win!

And 1st Place!

Sissy and Brad came to see him! 

And we went out to eat at Mahoneys....Kreighton's friends got to come!

The next day we went to Williamsburg to stay Wasserbahn....which is where I worked when Fred and I got it was a little crazy to be back there with my family! It was super fun because a lot of wrestlers went and then wrestled the next day in Williamsburg!

Kael and Fred swimming

Fred is looking thrilled to be swimming!

I told him I do this all summer it was his time to shine!

Kyle loving the water!

Carter, Parker, and Kreighton

Look at these lucky wrestling boys!

Lots of electronics!

Kyle wrestling hard!

Taking him down

Going in for the pin!

Kyle got 2nd....he was not happy....but a good lesson that you cannot alway win!

Whew....there is still more wrestling to come!