Saturday, June 20, 2015

Soccer CUP Tournament

Kreighton had her last soccer tournament of the year....we had originally said she could not play because she had softball and I  had my triatholon  but she was super disappointed so we decided to see what we could do. She had her 1st game Friday night after literally after her softball game she slapped hands with the other team and we jumped in the van and drove fast safe to Waterloo for soccer. Marilyn offered to keep the boys which made things much easier!  Their 1st game they won! We came back Saturday for two more games....which meant we were there for all day Saturday....the boys came along so we made it an all day family day!  And the fact that they won both of their games made the day even better!

This was the note Kreighton made for me before we left....I asked her why she wrote it she said "because you are always bossing me around" Poor thing :)

Here they are ready to cheer on Kreighton's team!  A lot of people asked if they were twins!

Kreighton passing the ball to her teammate Bella!

Addie leading the way!

Kreighton's turn!
We took the boys to Doey Joey's....Kreighton wanted to stay and hangout with her teammates and Kyle took a nap at the restaurant....he is my super napper and will do anything to get to stay up later than his brother! 
Kael also took a nap....or not...he pretended to and thought he was so funny!

Here are the girls hanging out between games! 
We got home Saturday night about 7:30 

We drove right from Palo to Waterloo well we met Marilyn in the middle to take Kreighton! 

Warming up for the last game! Which they WON!  Which made them champions! The girls were so excited!  It really was a fun a game to watch the girls played hard and did not give up! 

I think the girls were supposed to dump this on Ben's head....BUT Ben thought of it first! 

But it was a HOT day so the girls did not mind!

Check out those smiles!

7 HAPPY girls!

And with their awesome coaches!


All so happy....they really were a great group of girls!

 Bella, Addie, and Kreighton....she loved making new friends on her team!

 And we found Lauren at the awards ceremony....her team also got 1st place!

 Peyton Youngblut....she played as well!

And look at these 4 happy girls! 

This soccer season was successful and fun!  Kreighton loved it...and loved her teammates and coaches and already cannot wait for next year which we will have double the fun because Kyle is signing up as well!

Monday, June 15, 2015


We had a crazy busy weekend with a softball tournament, soccer tournament, and then to make it really crazy I had my triathlon Sunday morning!  But we made it all work...

This was on the way to the triathlon.....raining!  I told Jayme not too worry I have done a lot races and always the weather works out....I call it my Irish Luck....I admit this morning I was pretty nervous....but I prayed to the Irish Leprechauns! worked...clear skies before we even got to Palo!

Getting all ready....wet suits make us look awesome!  But they help us swim and keep us warm! 

Kyle was only Peck kid that went....Kreighton needs her sleep and had a soccer game later that day  and Kael's "fun meter" was tapped out from spending all day at the soccer tournament 

Kyle thought it was pretty awesome being the only kid...he thought Jayme and I looked like Baymax in our wetsuits!

Kyle took this one....:)

After a little delayed start...we started our swim....

Love this picture of Jayme...they asked us our number....we did not know they were going to ask us that I was not sure if I told them the right number...but it gave me something to think about the 1st part of my swim....instead of thinking about the fact that my goggles were completely fogged over!

Over all the swim went really well....I think we took like 20 seconds off our time from last year!

Ready to start our bike!

I had a minor problem with my helmet I forgot to lower my pony tail and made my helmet  a little lop-sidded!

And GO!

All done with our bikes....biking was not my favorite part...I tried to just keep up with Jayme....but it just seemed to take forever....maybe I need to work on that a little more for that for next year!  We did take 3 minutes off our bike...which was all Jayme! 

AND running starts!

The run was great....really 3 miles...and it felt great....Jayme and I were even able to chat while we ran....others were walking and looking pretty rough! 

Even wave and smile!

Why not have a beer....we worked hard...right!

And it turned into a beautiful morning....and I caught these two cuties enjoying some  post-race snacks!

It was a great morning....and I did love the race...just not really the bike....but something to work on for next year....right! And I think it is awesome that we can do this...and so happy to have a friend to do it with me!  And push me in the bike :)   


Softball has taken up a lot of time this summer...but it has been a great season! The girls are so much fun to watch....right now we have only have one loss in the regular season.  I will admit when the season first started I thought it was going to be a long season....but the girls are doing awesome and having fun while doing it! 

There is Kreighton...she usually plays 2nd base....and then sometimes in the outfield 

She likes playing 2nd better because there is more action....and she knows that is where her Dad played when he was in little league!

Kreighton with the Kelchen Girls!

Happy Girls after they came back in the 3rd inning and won the game....KP is jumping mid air because she is almost as tall as Laynee!
Doing the "Pony" a cool thing the girls do that shows awesome sportsmanship!

It is pretty neat and shows really the girls just want to have fun!

Macy, Elsie, an Kreighton....getting to stay and watch the older girls is super cool!

We only have a couple weeks left....and even though it makes our summer busy I think we will all miss it when it is over! 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Another Catch Up

Summer is going way too fast!  We have been busy but having lots of fun! 

Fred works with Kreighton and softball as many nights a week as he can....he even googles youtube videos to make sure he is teaching her the right way :)

And she is improving....A LOT!

I found this awesome little toy this winter...the kids love it....Kyle says he is mowing lawn!

Kael took a little tumble....and marked up his face....but it really did not bother him!

Our puppy Gus....he has been patient with the kids this summer

However he did have an accident and broke 3 bones in his leg....poor puppy he cannot run around!

Kreighton and Laynee enjoying the park!

Peck and Hogan Boys....just missing CJ....I am sure next summer he will not be ok with sitting on the sidelines!

Kreighton and Mom went to Mary was AWESOME!

Tate's 5th Birthday at Chuckie Cheese....I was not exactly looking forward to it....but ALL 3 kids had a blast!
The Whole Crew!

We went camping at Baileys Ford....I did not bring my camera but got a few pictures of the kids fishing!

Overall the weather was fine and had a good time!

The girls playing "Monkey in the Middle"

Laynee and Kreighton

Kael being a pirate!

The boys got matching mo-hawks!

And Kael thinks it is cool to drink pancake syrup.....why not?

I can hardly believe it is almost the middle of June....between softball and soccer we have been on the go....the boys have gotten used to watching Kreighton's events (ok well they whine and whine about having to go....but ONCE we get there they are just fine) but soccer is over and softball is winding down and hopefully warm weather will come and stay and we can spend our days at the pool and our nights enjoying that awesome Iowa weather....right? That will happen?