Thursday, September 22, 2016

Iowa Baseball Game

I signed up the kids to for the Junior Hawk Club  and they sent out an email that they had an opportunity to throw out the 1st pitch at a baseball game.  I signed Kreighton up and she was chosen...she was pretty excited! It was a chilly spring Saturday and Kreighton, Grandpa Craig, Grandma Sharon, and myself went to the game. Fred was in the fields, Kyle at the time was a Cyclone Fan, and I was not sure if we were going to stay for both games and that would be way too long for Kael. 

Kreighton and the Head Baseball Coach 

She thought it was pretty cool to be right on the field

Getting ready to throw the 1st Pitch

All ready...I wanted to tape it but I hit the wrong button

Meeting all the Players

They were all so nice to her! 
And she ate it up!
Mom and Kreighton

She got a swag bag...and lots of baseballs

It was Grandpa Craig's 1st Hawkeye Baseball Game! 

It was a fun afternoon....and made me wish we lived in Iowa would be so much fun to make it a regular thing! 


I am playing catch up...again! 

Kreighton and Emelia Lange
Last year Kreighton was on Addie's team but this year she was on Emelia's...Ben and Kelly were her coaches for both seasons...and she was a little disappointed to hear they were not coaching the older group of girls and would have a new coach for her 10U soccer team.  She had a lot of fun in soccer and Fred and I both hope she continues to love it. 

The Lange Girls and The Peck Girl with their Grandmas!

Kreighton at the Moser Recital...This picture made the Manchester Newspaper

Kyle doing his Tap Routine...he is the only boy...but he loves it and always has a smile on his face when he is performing! 

There is Kael...he came along way from Debbie pulling him out of my arms not wanting to go to loving it!

All 3!

All 5 in the tractor :)

Kyle loves his Dad

Checking for asparagus! The kids love it...unfortunately this year we did not find any!

But the kids had fun looking! 
At the Dr's office for check ups and the kids were being goofy!

Kyle checking out Kael...

We made a trip to Beaver Park in CR...I remember going there when I was little...they used to have monkeys...but know they just have farm animals. 
Kyle thought the baby calves were so cute and soft and really wants some on our farm. 

Suns out Guns out...

We went on a was really fun...and they only thing the kids argued about was who was in the lead!

3 Happy Healthy Kids

Kyle had his 7th Birthday Party and went to Waterloo Bucks Game...I was not feeling well and actually spent the night in the hospital. So Fred and Uncle Brad took the boys and Laynee and Kreighton. Kyle got to throw out the 1st I was sad I missed it...but they all had fun!

We spent a lot time at the Manchester pool...Dean and Sissy met us there this day!
Kyle did not handle the Warriors losing...he loves Steph Curry and had placed a bet with Uncle Brad so was also sad he had to pay him. 

Fred comforting Kyle on the loss...he cried and cried. 

We purchased kayaks this we went out as much as we could! The kids loved it! 
Kyle, Kael and Brady Hogan

Lindsay, Laynee, and Kreighton

This is a whole BIG group! 

Look at all those Kiddos! 

Kael and Levi making sure we had enough snacks!

The Girls
Lindsay, Eden, Kreighton, Lauren, Averial, and Laynee

The Squish down so Kreighton does not look so short picture!

These pictures already make me miss summer! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Grande March

We went to the Grande March for West Deleware. Carlee and Ryan were both seniors and Ryan had been working for Fred this spring so the kids were excited to see both! 

Grandma, Ryan and his date Hanna

The Peck kids got in for one...all the kids love seeing Ryan on the farm...and he is so good with the kids! 

Kreighton and one of her favorites!

Aaron, Carlee and the Peck kids...Aaron picked up rock for us and comes with Carlee to babysit the kids also love him!

Happy Boys!

Ryan and the boys

Wrestling Pose

I know Grandpa, Judy, and Floyd are smiling down from heaven!

It was a fun evening and loved seeing all the prom dresses! 

Sunday, June 12, 2016


I was REALLY lucky this winter and got TWO beach vacations! I went to Jamaica with Michelle, Alex, and was sort of like a field trip and I was going to help supervise! :) Alex and Kaylan are seniors and when else will I get to go on a vacation like this with them! We flew out of I drove up there on Sunday after the kids had a gymnastics meet in Waverly. 
Our flight was pretty uneventful and we made it to our resort with no problem! We stayed at a Hyatt and it was literally 5 minutes from the airport! 

Alex and I sitting poolside!

The four of us! 

Playing a game to attempt to win a bottle of Rum! 

Never did I think when these little girls were in my wedding would I be playing a game like this with them....;) 

Enjoying drinks on the beach!

Kaylan and ME!

We were getting ready and the girls said "Can we not wear make-up tonight?"  I of course did not object! 

Nightly entertainment with Kaylan!

I stayed for 4 nights so I could come back for Easter with my family...I had so much fun with the girls and Michelle....Alex and Kaylan are such responsible mature 18 year olds! I loved getting to experience this with them...I never really told Kreighton who I was going when she saw pictures she was a little upset that she was invited (you had to be 18) but I told Michelle that since I went with the girls that she had to come with me when I take Kreighton on spring break when she is 18! 
My flight home was not flight kept getting delayed and then cancelled....I finally went up to Kiosk with a different airline and got a one-way ticket that could get me to CR for $300 I did not even ask Fred I just did it....
I was happy to finally land in CR and see Fred :)