Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Rest of the Weekend!

We still had a busy weekend....the 1/2 marathon just landed in the middle!  Friday was a nice day out...which is Kyle and Kael's eyes means we HAVE to get the sprinkler out!  Which I was fine with! 

Kyle...loving all of it!

Smiling the whole time!

Look at me Mom!

Kael also thought it was cool!

 James brought the Moroney Kids home from Minnesota (Bridget had a bachelorette party) 
I told Kreighton to walk to Grandma's after school...she had no idea they were there....James said she saw them and sprinted the last block when she saw them!

Kreighton...the monkey!

Miss Clara

Awwww.....Kyle and Nolan

Making a play space under Grandpa's huge tree!

Soccer Time!

Catching Kreighton in full stride! 

A determined Kyle!

Will coaching his cousins at the end!

Bappa Craig and Aunt KiKi

"Grandpa can you make me a paper airplane" 

The magnetic tiles....HUGE hit...these boys played for over an hour!

And matching shirts...James said Nolan picked out this shirt because he thought his cousin might be wearing it!
Clara stayed with us that night....and Kael was sad Nolan was not coming as well!

Fred and I drove back to CR Saturday night for a party for Berto....here we are at  a brewery before the party started

A "Loras Picture"  Alejandro (Berto's Brother) Autumn (Berto's sister in law....and I worked with her sister Abby at the pool for years) Amanda and Matt Pauly, Berto, Me. Kevin, and Ryan!  

The Girls...Me, Ashley, Whitney, and Amanda

Kevin and Me...I love him...I really had no idea what an awesome cousin I had out there until I went to Loras and met him!  So many great times and memories!

End of the night pic....so fun!  Great night to catch up with everyone....took me right back to Loras  99-03....and I loved every minute of it!

1/2 Marathon in Marion

Maria and I ran another 1/2 marathon....our 4th one together and I think my 8th one overall! This was the 1st time we ran this one!  We love races on Saturdays....who likes to wait until Sunday to run and have to think about it all weekend! 

It was a perfect morning for a run.....we even got to start in our shorts and tank tops! It did get a little steamy during the race....but over all it was perfect! 

These kids woke up at 5:30 to go to the race. Clara was excited to come....I told her that  her Dad was too scared to ever race me again.....because I always beat him! Kael stayed home...a bit too early for him! 
Add caption

Pre-Race....Fred said the kids did great....and Fred was a superstar and we saw the kids probably at least a 6 times....a guy behind us even commented that "Those kids are everywhere"

Kyle and Clara!

Beginning of the race!

Still going strong....

We are done!!!!!!  We both got our best times...I think!
It was an ok route lots of little hills and some BIG hills which made it hard at times....I even let the F word fly out of my mouth because we rounded the corner to finish and was surprised by another d*mn hill! 

Our Moms came to see us across the finish line!

Our happy cheerers!

And my superstar husband who is maybe the best follower ever!!!! I think he treats it like a game attempting to find us the most times possible

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day

Michelle and the Girls came back to Iowa for the weekend....they surprised Kreighton at her soccer game....I took my camera with me....but took NO pictures....great job Maggie! The only picture I have with them all weekend...was this one! 
Playing a game...Laying Eggs? Not sure but an old school game....that Fred and his sisters had growing up! I am amazed that Marilyn has been able to keep all these pieces! I did not even get a picture of Marilyn on Mother's Day....where is Tara when we need her :)  We had brunch there and the kids all played together!  We came home and napped and got ready for the next gathering!

Kreighton and Great Grandma

We had prime rib....

Kreighton and Sissy!

Will, Sissy, and Kyle!

Cindy and Dad with Grandma

The boys were in charge of cleaning up!

Kael and Great Grandma....he was excited about presents....but not excited they were dishes!

Katie, Myself, Grandma and Sissy!  After this Grandma leaned over and told me I was her favorite! :)

Mommy and Kael....he really loves me....like more than Fred....drives me kind of crazy it is much easier when Fred is their favorite....but he is my super sweet boy and will run up to me and say "Mommy I love you so much"

Grandma and Kyle

And Fred made me my own herb garden....I love it...My Aunt Cindy had one that I told Fred that I wanted...and he called my Aunt Cindy to see where she got hers....turns out they were sold out...so Fred and the kids made this one for me....even already planted the seeds for me! 

From Kreighton....I love it especially about leaving the boys at home...it is probably because I am always telling her how lucky she is she is the only girl and gets to do fun stuff! 

I sometimes cook for her....ha!

This is from Kyle....to relax I watch Judge Judy!   Funny little boy!

MOSER Dance Recital!

In the midst of camping....we had our Dance/Gymnastics Recital! 
It is really not a night I look forward to....I just wish it was not Saturday night at 7....BUT the kids love it and this year since all 3 do it....it went by rather fast! 

Kyle....he is the only boy in his class...and he really does love it and even if sometimes his gymnastic moves look more like ninja moves....he is a strong little guy and does a good job!

Debbie (his teacher) singled Kyle out talking about the fact that he is a smart boy.....because he gets to be with all the girls....Kyle was beaming from ear to ear! 

Kreighton in her tap routine...she had a lot of dances to remember....but did good and had fun!

Kael...doing gymnastics...he was funny and at one point walked off his mat to walk down and waved hello to Kreighton at her mat! 

Kreighton and Elsie....Elsie looks tired...the girls worked hard!

The boys and Me!  

Their support team....my Dad LOVES coming to this....actually he does not at all....and Fred was feeding into him...telling him "Oh Craig this is at least another hour" I thought my Dad was going to go crazy!

Kreighton and Kyle!

All 3.....and all done!

And just a few throwbacks......Katie and I also took lessons from Debbie when we were little!

Katie....you can tell by her hair! :)

Blurry....but I am assuming I am in there somewhere!