Thursday, January 14, 2016

Moroney Thanksgiving!

We had the Moroney Thanksgiving and I guess I forgot to post about it!

Theo and Kreighton! She was so excited to hold a baby!

Fisher had some exciting news....but was being very shy but he was supposed to tell us Jon and Jenny are having a BABY in June! 

More pictures! 

Happy Kids!

Happy Baby!

Awwww they love these guys!

Brad....passed out...or maybe he was joking! 

Katie and Theo!

I mean look how cute!

Great-Grandma and Theo!

This blog seemed to be all about Theo....but he is so cute! And we did have a great night!  And love adding more babies to the Moroney Family!

Catching Up...Again!

Playing Catch-Up...AGAIN! 
When will I ever learn! 

Fred lost his phone when he was hauling manure...he used his find my phone app the 1st day and could hear it but could not find it...then the next day when he was spreading manure he did it again and found it out in the middle of the field after it had gone through the spreader....but besides it was ruined and did still turn on! Crazy!

Whatever Kyle "IS" he has to be "ALL" of that! Like if he is a football player he "HAS" to have everything a football player is!

 Today he was a cowboy! 

A serious one!

And Kael was the alligator hunter....he caught this alligator and took him to the dentist to get his teeth out! 

Wearing Daddy's Jeans being silly!

Kyle wrestled at North Linn.....he did great and got 1st! He pinned his 1st two guys and beat the other one in a technical fall! His 2nd guy he pinned in about 5 seconds....I did not even get a picture!

Waiting for his trophy!

Here is his tough guy look!

Grandpa Craig came to cheer him on!

Kyle and Keenan Brockmeyer...they are wrestling buddies!

Tough guy look!

Kyle and Keenan at Starmont....he wrestled "developmental" his bracket was kind of a kid ran from him the whole time....Kyle looked at Fred "what I am supposed to do" Fred told him "Just catch him" And the other kid in his bracket was Keenan....who he wrestles every day at practice....they did not keep score so they all got 1st! 

Santa at the library...such an awesome job they do!

Last year...Kyle was with Fred in Minnesota buying the Case Tractor!

Kyle was our little Elf on the Shelf

He actually does kind of look like him!

We took the kids to Iowa Women's Basketball Game...and then the men played right after we kind of got 2 for 1!
Dustin brought the two oldest Hogan kids down....which made my kids very happy!  

Happy Girls!

We were there for a long time...Kael did pretty well...towards the end of the mens game we walked around to keep him occupied! He told me "I do NOT want to watch that football game" No that is not a typo....he thought we were at a football game!

Making cookies for Santa!

The kids were into it!

Kael being very serious! 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Thanksgiving! Baragarys and Pecks

We went to Monti for the Baragary side....It is a great place for the kids to be...they can run around and do fun kids stuff!

Look at these pretty girls! Peyton and Kreighton!

A Flashback....the same girls back in 2012!

Tate Krebsbach and Hayden Burton

Kael, Kyle, Will, and Tate

Parker, Peyton, and Kreighton....all born within 4 months of each other!

Playing Apples to Apples! 

All the 2nd cousins that were left...
Back Row
Tate Y Tate K Peyton Kreighton Parker Kyle
Front Row
Lucy and Alice K Owen K and Kael

2011 some of the same kids :)

And the 1st Girl Cousins
Myself, Kelly, Krista, and Maria
We normally have to pack up and leave shortly after we eat because one of the kids are tired....but NOT anymore! No more naps...the kids played and played! It was such a fun day! 

After Monti we headed to Glen and Marilyns for Pizza...a great tradition! I love Marilyn's pizza and who needs a big meal after we already had one! 

Not sure you are supposed to lick the spoon Kael...but whatever works!

All Hands on Deck!

One of Grandpa's old shirts works as an Apron!

Look Mom!

Happy Boy!


Still playing catch up!

Fred and the boys cooking!

We had snow...does not seem possible! At ALL!

We had friends over one night...Kael in a dress....snuggled up to Carter in a flower headband???

 Same night...LeaAnn and Kael snuggled up with Fred!

Decorating the Christmas Tree!

 Flat Tire....Kael and I were on the way to Waterloo for speech...and the van sounded funny...pulled over and saw this! Awesome! It was also raining! Even Better...did I mention I had Kael with me! So called Triple A....after talking on the phone forever they finally got someone out to me...I had 3 people stop to lady even brought me oranges and nice! The guy from Triple A showed up....a little creepy and kept telling me that he needed to tow my van and I had to come with him...he could not get to the spare tire...he kept telling me how they make it too difficult to get the tires and that we were covered under Triple A and he could just tow I said I had Kael with me and that totally seemed like a future Dateline episode! So I called Fred and he said do NOT get in the truck with him...there is no reason he cannot change the tire and use the spare. So Fred said he would I told the Triple A guy that and he said "Mam I cannot leave you....and tried to get me to come with him again and there was nothing else to be done" And I politely (ok I tried to be polite) told him "you do not know my husband and I PROMISE you he will be able to figure this out" Then I thought to myself....he is Fred Peck and he can fix anything buddy! So the guy waited for Fred to showed up.....and guess what.....Fred Peck was able to get to the tire...and able to change it! Was I surprised...not at all!
This girl....loves ribs! Her favorite thing for her Dad to make! 

 Disney on Ice....Shannon and I took the kids...thanks to Brad's Dad we even got the tickets for was awesome!
Baby Lake's 1st Disney Show!

They LOVED it...and so did I!

No big deal...we paid $12 for cotton candy....but look at his awesome hat we got for FREE!  So worth it! And the boys also got $16 swords...once again so worth it! 

We did have snow....ready for school!

And Joey got married....and I got to hang with these awesome people! I love each and every one of them!

Cheering on the Hawks against Nebraska! We WON! Happy Kids! Happy Parents!

Doing some good DEEDS for Christmas...buying food at Fareway for the food pantry!

Donating the Food!

A rainy weekend we broke out some of Fred's old toys....this kid loved them the most!  He has played with them almost every day since we got them out! 

Shannon and I took the kids to the Manchester Window Walk! Well just Kael and Kreighton....Kyle had wrestling and could not miss it! 

Looked through my old posts about the window walk and found this one....we stopped at ate supper with Grandma and Grandpa! 

Kreighton-Age 8 
Kael-Age 4 

Same animals! Grandpa Craig came along! 

It makes me want to cut her hair! 

Kyle Age 2
Kreighton Age 4 

Hanging out in Angie's Office!

Here is Kreighton at age 6 in Angie's office!

Visiting Santa! Kael said he wanted construction stuff! And Kreighton said she wanted volleyball knee pads....and a horse of course...she has been asking since she was 3! 

Love being able to see the of the reasons I do the blog!