Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Friday night we were so lucky to take the kids to the rodeo...and I say we were lucky because Brad's Dad got us the awesome!

All 3 ready to go!

Before the rodeo....My 3 cowboys!

Sissy and Brad met us out for supper...this is where we realized our kids don't get out much....they acted like crazy animals at the restaurant!

Twins!  Kyle REFUSED to wear any shirt that had red in it....because he was convinced the bull was going to get him!

It was crazy so see how organized things were....just bulls and horses hanging out everywhere!  

Checking things out!

My 3 little cow kids! 
Fred put his vest the boys copied! sweet!

Kreighton LOVED it...I could not believe how much she paid attention and cheered the whole 9 yards...she begged to come back the next night!

 It was so fun to be able to do "Big Kid" things with all 3 of the kids....even if Kael was a little nuts!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Our Week February 8th

There was a lot of talk of this was part of our week!

Kyle on the Bull...and Kreighton opening the chute! 

Hang on!

Kreighton's Turn!

Not sure she lasted 8 seconds!

Kyle flashing something "Red" at the Bull!

The Beyers braved the bad weather and came over for the Super Bowl! 

There was of course an art show!

And Lauren was the checkout lady....equipped with a computer!

I thought it was far too cold to be outside....but the kids loved the snow!

Kreighton in her fort!

Dad dug a deeper hole for her!

And then one for Kyle

All 3 loving the snow!

Kreighton is always up for a picture....if only her brothers would be as well!

We brought the heated blanket up from idea ever!

So Sweet!

Lots of snuggle time!

 Snow Day turned into Kreighton looking through old movies of the 1st Peck Family while I ran on the treadmill!

Kael and Kreighton both had DR appts in CR....we went to Hy-Vee...and rode in a really cool cart that Kael loved....Kreighton thought maybe she was a bit too old for it....and refused a picture and told me I could not "snapchat" it to anyone!

Kreighton was ever so sweet and read a book to Kael while we waited!
The Wilgenbusch boys got off the bus at our house on say Kyle was excited was an understatement....he thought it was the most awesome thing ever!

And wrestling was one of the main things they did!

They were so good with the boys being careful with them and teaching them different wrestling moves!

Supper time fun!

I am thinking this picture might get pulled out at graduation time!

Pig Pile!

And a little quiet time!

Kreighton and Will are taking ski lessons  and are both loving it!!!!!

It was another fun filled week!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Our Week

Pictures from our Week! 

Kael got to go out and shovel....

He refused to wear gloves or mittens....and came in complaining bc his hands were cold...I wonder why! 

Kyle started soccer....and I cannot believe it but he loves it!  Kreighton is a super sister  and hangs with him for the 1st couple of minutes (she is too old for this soccer)

And yes he is wearing shorts....but changes the second soccer is over!

He even wants to sign up for league soccer next year!

Kp doing homework during soccer!  

Kyle has terrible dry hands....they crack and bleed and he is way over the top about washing them ALLLL the time!  And of course he hates lotion! So I wait until after he falls asleep lather him up and then wrap his hand in a is actually working!  And his eye lids get super dry as well which seems like such an odd thing to dry out!  

A picture of Kael sleeping on 1/4 of his bed.....he does anything to make going to bed difficult!

Fred took the older two to a wrestling meet which of course meant Kyle wanted to wrestle when he  got home!

Kael thought it was fun as well!

Until he got hurt which ended in tears!  I am sure not the last wrestling match that will end in tears through the years!

And this is a normal picture of Kael....since his tonsils have been out he is HUNGRY ALL THE TIME!  I am not kidding all he wants to do is eat!

Cereal and Broccoli....SURE!

Fred bought Swiss Cake Rolls....Kael managed to eat the whole box in less than 4 days!
Just a cute picture of Kyle is my glasses!

Twins in their Pioneer Coats!


Twins in their batman shirts!

Fred and I got away for a night in Dubuque for the Pioneer Party :)
We went and had lunch with Will for Catholic Schools Week!
Such a sweet picture....Will was so excited to show his cousins around!

Yummy School Lunch!
Hotdogs or Maidrites....the choice was tough!

Friday night there was raccoon in the yard....the kids watching as Fred shot it!  
The next morning checking it out....Kreighton thought it was awesome and even took a picture of the blood and is now trying to convince her Dad to take her hunting!!!!

Lazy Saturday morning....the kids were playing PBS kids...Kreighton was wanting to learn about Thomas Jefferson....Fred and Kreighton's new fun thing is reading different things about history and then quizzing each other about it....and then teasing me bc I usually have no idea:)

Kreighton made a musical instrument! 

I was pretty impressed!

And Kreighton reading Boxcar Children to her brother...this was my favorite series when I was happy Kreighton likes them as well!