Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I feel like we have not done too much the last few weeks....(waiting for some nice weather)
Plus I have the made the mistake of only using my camera phone....which does take good pictures, but my big camera takes much better pictures!

Kyle has taken up the art of meditation....he says he gets it from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (he also only ate pizza for a weekend and starting calling Fred Shredder)

Kael wearing his Daddy's boots!

I took Kreighton, Lauren, Lindsay, Kyle, and Brady to the new  RiversEdge in Independence, the girls loved hitting balls and then boys loved the hunting game!

Kael likes pickle juice?

Kreighton went to Addie's Birthday Party at the W in Waverly and had a blast swimming and rock climbing!

All smiles!

The boys got outside

Kreighton wearing her Dad's  football jersey  to the concert!

She was pretty excited!

Kreighton and her friend Elsie

Kael doing puzzles with Great-Grandma

The boys doing dishes....later they got naked!

Kreighton sporting her ISU stuff 

Kael sleeping naked with his motorcycle (no that is not a typo Kael thinks it is a motorcycle)

The boys playing cowboys!

He is potty-trained....it seemed to take a long time....but he even wakes up dry sometimes!

At the movies....sometimes Kyle is more excited to be with his sister than Kreighton is to be with him!

Kreighton lost her 1st tooth!

Lucky the Leprechaun showed up!

We took Kreighton, Lauren, Lindsay, Peyton, and Laynee to the play Cinderella....which was an awesome performance!

Moroneys came home and Clara came to our house and watched Frozen!

At Great Grandpa and Grandma Moroneys

Lots and lots of fun at PinOak and here is Fisher's million dollar smile!

This is where I wished I had my big camera we had the whole room to ourselves....it was awesome!

Fisher and Kreighton

We LOVE cousin time!

The kids were excited about going swimming at the hotel in Independence last Monday when there was no school.

Kyle has been building lots and lots of castles

Lindsay, Kreighton, and Lauren in rain boots  and Old Navy Fleeces!

AND the snow melted and we were surprised (well not really too surprised) to find LeaAnn's swimsuit bottoms from last year!

We have had lots of fun.....but so very ready for some nice weather !!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Kreighton has been battling ear infection pretty much her whole life.....she got her 1st set of tubes when she was about 22 months and just got her 4th set last week....we have been battling ear infection since one of her tubes fell out in December.  It would wake her up in the middle of the night, I would have to give her tylenol before gymnastics, and the fluid in her ear was causing hearing loss that they did not think would cause permanent hearing loss...I was not happy with that answer because I of course do not want my daughter to have permanent loss OR miss out at learning at school because she can't hear!
So Dr. Carpenter decided putting another set would be the best decision!  

So I am hoping 4th times a charm for her....

We had to be at the hospital at 6....she was a little tuckered out!

Kreighton and Mom before she went back!

After she came out....it was SAD  she normally is a little sad coming out but this time she was in PAIN and she would not  let us touch her and begging for tylenol...which I had no idea is not normal so it took forever for the nurse to get the approval to get her the tylenol....BUT we got it...
She is actually sleeping sitting up in the picture because she said it hurt to lay her head down.  And then she was punked all day....and lucky for her she got to rest at Grandma Sharon's all day....I wanted to bring her home....but Kreighton did not want to come home "Mom my brothers are too crazy....can I just stay here" So Grandma was more than happy to keep her.   I am glad we did it and Kreighton said her ear does not sound funny anymore!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Sissy Turns 30!

We started a ritual in the Moroney Family to celebrate everyone's 30th birthday by doing something extra ordinary!  For Katie we stayed in DBQ, for Bridget and mine we went to a comedy (btw since Bridget and I had to share we have decided that we get to do something very fun for our 40th) like a trip or something, for James we had a night out in Minneapolis, and then for the finale (Sissy) we went out in Minneapolis again!

Kreighton and I went up with Brad and Sissy on Thursday night so we could do some wedding dress shopping and fun girl time!

Two sad Moroney Men....the Hawkeyes losing...again :(

Clara and Kreighton trying on dresses....Sissy did find "the dress" and was able to order it through Manchester Brides and Weddings so they could do all the alterations....it was the same place that Bridget found hers and I think Allison found hers there as well (but I could have dreamed that)

Kreighton was loving the chopsticks and figured how to use them pretty well!

The rest of the Peck Pack came up on Friday....

Julianna and Ella came over to play on Friday night!

Nolan and Kael

The bouncy house is always a huge hit!

We had a birthday party for Nolan on Saturday morning!

He got hulk gloves (I think every little boy needs these)


After the party Fred took the kids to the Quirings where there were PLENTY of girls there to play/entertain!  

We headed to St. Paul the tour the Wabasha Street Caves...super interesting and can't wait to read a book about it!

Then into an awesome Stretch Explorer to do a tour of St. Paul where we learned all about the illegal gang activity way back in the day!

Then to Chino Latino where we had a-mazing food!

It was a super fun night with an awesome family and my awesome in-laws helped make it happen by helping with the kids!

And the weekend was not over....Bridget and I took Clara and Kreighton to Disney on Ice....which was so fun to see and super fun the see Clara and Kreighton get excited to see all the characters!
Kreighton and Me....she looks a little washed out!

Clara and Kreighton

Toy Story....Kreighton and I decided that Kyle would have LOVED this part!

It was a great weekend as it always in Minnesota!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Almost a month ago Fred and I were lucky enough to leave this tundra called Iowa and head to the sunny skies and beaches of Mexico!  Fred won the trip thru Pioneer for the 2nd year in a row which made it even more exciting!

Yes I did take a picture of the temperature before we left!
Our 1st "WE ARE ON VACATION!!!" picture in the airplane!

Our 2nd WE ARE ON VACATION picture!

Our 1st night....there was a table "teaching" us how to drink tequilla....which I have to say after they taught us it did not taste half bad :)

Just another night out....the view from our room was amazing!
Just some more "selfies"

Dueling Pianos....they were rated one of the top 3 in the nation...did an awesome job!

Not sure why the color of this turned out like this...

Beautiful White Sand Beaches

The view from the treadmill....I was not brave enough to run outside with all the random holes in the sidewalk, the crazy drivers, and the numerous signs to not feed the crocodiles!

I applied and reapplied sunscreen the sun was hot hot hot

Fred could lay out all day and be fine!

Some rest and relaxation

Another selfie in my fun hat!

So we did have one day that was a little over-cast.....but....

We made the best of the situation and hit up downtown!

Just some of the local establishments!

With the Gauls and the Petersons!

Last night and they had Madi Gras themed night!
Our entertainment...he was sort of different...but ok!  He was an impersonator :)

Supper with the Gauls!

The hat is covering my face....but we went over to Isla of Mujeres...it was interesting to see....very non-commercialized :)
We went the Toots...we met them last year in Hawaii and was excited to see them again this year:)
A dive bar with $3.00 beers...we loved it!

Thankful for my sea-bands....it would have been a long ferry ride home without these!

This was Valentine's Day...

And I was a supper wife and took Fred to Hooters:)

Fred and I had 3 days on our own....we loved having our own time....

This day we spent a little toooo long and the swim up bar....but it was a lot of fun!

We took this one for Kyle....

Our last night....:((

My refusal to believe that vacation was over and I would have to change out of flip-flops and into winter boots :( 

It was an awesome week and we were thankful for family that kept the kids for us all week, which turned into a lot with school being cancelled, late starts, early out, and even 
Kael throwing up on his Aunt KiKi in the middle of night!  

I told Fred and I am hooked and he is going to have to take me somewhere warm every winter!