Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Picture Dump!

My photo dump from summer so far!

Kyle got his 1st Mo-Hawk!

He loved it!

The boys and are at a park Cedar Falls...I cannot even remember why we had to go there!


Trying to take a selfie!

The boys were big help picking up rocks!

Out for Gma Sharon's Birthday....Kyle and Gpa wearing matching Under Armour

Kael so followed and got a Mo-Hawk as well!

Not to be outdone by her brothers....she was also out picking up rock as well!

Painting Seed bags entertained these two one afternoon!

Camping at Bailey's....morning bike ride for these 3!

At the beach!

Deer love powdered doughnuts....right?

We spent A LOT of time at the diamond!  Kyle and Brady cheering on their sisters....:)

Kreighton and Mom did the 5k Glow Run in Winthrop....I pushed Kreighton and she would get out and run until she got tired...she was a smart girl and "let" me push her up the hills:)

The Baragarys represented winners!

Tug-O-War at Winthrop Days...the girls proved they are pretty strong!

The kids and Grandpa Glen on Father's Day!

Kreighton made her Dad a pot holder for Father's Day

Wiped out before a game!

Great Grandma and Grandpa got to come to one of her games!  She had a game with a hit and scored a run! 
Laynee Hogan....this was a day after CJ was born! And Miss Laynee had a great game!

Kreighton and Mommy getting a pedicure!

So far our summer had been a amazing, crazy-busy, and super fun!!!!  

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


IT has been a long long long time since I have posted....but since I am hoping to put all these blogs in a journal one day for my kids I feel like I cannot leave any of this out!

June 1st I talked Jayme into trying her 1st triathlon....after months of getting ready and preparing and our super husbands/friends/family helping us out the day was finally here!!!!

Kreighton was a lucky girl and got to get up early and come with us!

Jayme and I before the race!

Mom and Kreighton

Our biggest fans!

And were off!

Post Race and it was awesome...Mom said she could not believe we were smiling!  But even after  swimming .5, biking 15, and running 3.1 we felt great!

Liz came to the race and we are both signed up to do the Olympic Distance Tri in August (I am still trying to convince Jayme to do it as well!)

Our loudest cheerers and future triathlon doers!

They loved it and cannot wait for us to do another one!

It was such a fun day and I am so happy Jayme did it with me and cannot wait to do another one with her soon!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day this year I woke up to a card with a gift certificate to a spa in Manchester and we planned to go to church....well Mother's Day is not really meant for Mother's whose husbands are farmers.....May is NOT the best time of the year for Mothers to have a day off!  So going to church as a family was put to a halt after a customer called to pick up seed! BUT Fred did keep the boys with him so Kreighton and I headed to church!
It did rain....sooooo I got my husband back!  We hung out Fred took the older kids over to Grandma Marilyn (Kael stayed back to nap) and then I came up with a quick plan and asked my mom to watch my kids for an hour and bring them to Manchester ...Fred and I went to the new brewery in Manchester (which was awesome)
Fred and I were enjoying our beers when Mom called and had no keys to the van...Fred checked his pockets and low and behold were the Fred had to drive the Winthrop...I went to my Grandparents!  So even though my Mother's Day was not was still a fun day!

Great-Grandpa, Fisher, and Will


Grandma and Cindy

Not the best picture of me....but still thought it was funny!

Me and my Momma!

Brad and Kreighton....great picture!

Craig and Brad

Great Grandpa and Fisher

3 generation!

Grandpa and Kael

The Men!

The Ladies
The infamous lawn mower...(when I was little I thought this thing went at least 40 mph)

Attaching the also infamous wagon that I remember going on many rides on as a kid!

I have to look through my Mom's pictures....but I know there are very similar pictures of all of us when we were kids!

The kids loved it!

So Fun


Kyle and his long hair!

The 3 Sisters!

Kael and Fisher driving!

Or Fighting

Sissy and Me!

We are supposed to ride these....right?

Brad telling Sissy that it was time to go home!
A perfect Mother Day!!!!