Thursday, July 23, 2015


We camped the whole week of the 4th at Baileys started off rainy but ended up being nice out!

Rain leads to mud puddles...which leads to happy boys! 

Seriously made their night! Whitney!

Kreighton and Laynee made the longest rubber band bracelet ever!

Levi, Whitney, and Lydia

Look at sweet CJ

Whitney and Kael....not sure why but he wore that bike helmet most of the weekend????

Lauren and Kreighton 

I told Lindsay to take a picture with the coolest person at the campground....and look who she picked!

These 2 are going to cause us  A LOT of trouble....I think!

My sweet Kyle 

Look out Kindergarten....these 3 are coming! And all have the same teacher!

Really these kids love each other....

Check out Brady's Blue Eyes! 

Teaching Kreighton a game she learned at camp!


Jayme had these awesome lanterns....the kids thought they were coolest thing ever!

Love this picture of Whitney putting the moves on Kyle...:)

And it is off!

Lindsay and Kreighton....cute picture of both of them!

Laynee was the only smart one to put her suit on!

Fun in the water!

And football on the sand!

They loved it and even marked out lines in the sand for out of bounds!

During the week we had swimming these two went to Great-Grandma's to eat lunch while Kael had his worked pretty slick!

Movie Night!

Kyle and Kreighton and Laynee's last softball game!

Kreighton with her cousins Carlee and Shelby

Kreighton with all 3 of her Grandma's....and Kael 

And the post that Carlee put on her sweet....Kreighton loves and adores her cousin Carlee!

The sadly lost their game...they had such a fun season and finished Number 1 for the regular season....just could not get a win in the tournaments....but none the less they had a great season with great coaches and girls....and I cannot wait for next year!

More to come....these were just the first few days! 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


We went to Minnesota for a long weekend to see cousins and a reunion for the Nelson (Marilyn's side) Family!  We went up on Thursday to spend some time with the Moroneys! And they had the MOST AWESOME slip and slide EVER!

Kyle giving it a try!

Seriously look how cool!

Kreighton bracing herself for the water!

Happy Girl!

Happy Boy!

Miss Clara!

Put on shorts so it did not hurt her girl!

They brought the slide out!

Kael loving it!

All Smiles!
Three Happy Cousins!

They also got a new playground!

Smores on their new AWESOME patio!

James teaching KP some new dance moves :)

"Dad this is a kids chair!
I would say the boys were worn out!

On Friday we went to beach that had a playground and a dock for the kids to jump off!


Kael with Clara catching him!

Kyle talking to his Dad about something

Kreighton....she was brave and swam all the way out to a 2nd dock and jumped off that one as well!

3 boys playing in the sand!

Kael being a crazy monkey!

Uncle Fred and Nolan

"Mom do I have sand on me?"

Uh-Oh...the boys are getting buried

Family Reunion!

Marilyn and her Twin! Jeanette

The whole Crew!

Kreighton and her cousin Sienna! They were fast friends!

Kael...being a little mischievous!

Kyle and Grandpa Glen

Twins Twins and Twins!  Marilyn and her twin Jeanette both have a set of twin grandchildren! 


Sunday before we left the boys had a little project....putting up a new mailbox for Michelle and the girls!

Hard at work!

Kyle thought he was pretty cool!

And Kreighton got to run errands....she thought she was big stuff hanging with her cool 17 year old cousins!

And a group picture before we left!

It was a great weekend and fun to see cousins from afar....some of Fred's cousins he had not seen in 13 years....crazy!