Sunday, June 12, 2016


I was REALLY lucky this winter and got TWO beach vacations! I went to Jamaica with Michelle, Alex, and was sort of like a field trip and I was going to help supervise! :) Alex and Kaylan are seniors and when else will I get to go on a vacation like this with them! We flew out of I drove up there on Sunday after the kids had a gymnastics meet in Waverly. 
Our flight was pretty uneventful and we made it to our resort with no problem! We stayed at a Hyatt and it was literally 5 minutes from the airport! 

Alex and I sitting poolside!

The four of us! 

Playing a game to attempt to win a bottle of Rum! 

Never did I think when these little girls were in my wedding would I be playing a game like this with them....;) 

Enjoying drinks on the beach!

Kaylan and ME!

We were getting ready and the girls said "Can we not wear make-up tonight?"  I of course did not object! 

Nightly entertainment with Kaylan!

I stayed for 4 nights so I could come back for Easter with my family...I had so much fun with the girls and Michelle....Alex and Kaylan are such responsible mature 18 year olds! I loved getting to experience this with them...I never really told Kreighton who I was going when she saw pictures she was a little upset that she was invited (you had to be 18) but I told Michelle that since I went with the girls that she had to come with me when I take Kreighton on spring break when she is 18! 
My flight home was not flight kept getting delayed and then cancelled....I finally went up to Kiosk with a different airline and got a one-way ticket that could get me to CR for $300 I did not even ask Fred I just did it....
I was happy to finally land in CR and see Fred :)

Friday, May 13, 2016

Gymnastics And State Wrestling

The kids had a gymnastics meet in Cedar Rapids....Grandma Marilyn and Grandpa Glen came and watched and both kids did great! 

Kyle got 1st Again!
And so did Kreighton...she had her highest score the of season and was so excited to be on the top of the podium! 
Kreighton and Kyle with Grandma and Grandpa! 

Before we left we looked and Kreighton got 1st overall...which means she had high score of both flights....1st out of 16 girls! 

 Then on Monday at class she found out she was high score of her division out of all the ages! We did not even know that was a thing....but she was excited to get the award! 

It was a fun Sunday and even more awesome that both kids got 1st! 

The following weekend we had Super State for Kyle. We went backed and forth about letting him do it...but he worked hard all season so we decided he could! 

Kreighton cheering on her brother!
Keeping Kael entertained!
There was A LOT of people there....crazy!
Kyle and Fred down on the mat...Kyle was the only kid wrestling on Saturday...and he still had 3 coaches there to support him...we are lucky to have such awesome coaches!
Ready to Wrestle
And a pin in no time flat
A victory for Kyle!

 I did not do a good job of taking pictures...but he lost in overtime the 2nd match...and not to sound like "that" Mom...but he kind of got screwed and should have won!

He lost his 3rd one....the kid was good and Kyle tried hard but lost in 3 rounds!
So we were done for the day! A great experience for Kyle and he had fun but was a little disappointed he did not do a little better! 
Love this picture of Carter and Kyle....both boys are so sweet to Kyle and helped him when he was upset about losing! 

Afterwards we went out to eat and this motorcycle was a hit for the kids! 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

State Gymnasitics!

We had State Gymnastics...for our final meet of the season! Both kids worked really hard throughout the season and were excited for the meet! Kyle had a game in Dike so we left for Boone right after his game was over. We stayed in a hotel and the pool was ok but the kids were hungry so we took them to get something to eat and then headed to Ledges State was Fred's idea and the kids were excited! 

We wanted to find a playground but found a hiking trail instead...KP and I were in flip-flops but still made it on the hike! The weather was perfect! 

A Family Selfie!

Fred and the kids...Kyle was pretty excited after his game and had to bring to soccer ball with him!

The park and hike was awesome and the kids loved and want to go back there and would be a fun time and maybe we can find time this summer to go back! 

Kael chilling in the hotel room
Kyle had to be at the meet at 7:00 so it was an early morning for us! But Kyle did great and got 1st! He was undefeated all season...he never lost and always won by a large margin.  A lot of boys race down the mat....but Kyle is like his Dad and likes things to be perfect...he has straight legs and pointed toes!  
1st in his Flight

And 1st overall...he was one proud boy!

State Champ
Kreighton performed a few hours was so fun waiting around in a crowded gym with it was not! And Kyle almost fell in someone else's was disgusting...that would have been the end for him! 

Here is Kreighton...she also did great and got 2nd in her flight

Kreighton and her friend Taylor...they have become fast friends this year and almost look like they could be twins when they are out there! 

Kreighton got 3rd out of 20 was just a .10 of point out of 2nd so we were so proud of her...I could not even get all the girls in the picture! 

Taylor and Kreighton...Taylor got 1st...I see lots of fun for these 2 in the future! 

Happy Kids!

Here are the kids from Manchester...Kreighton and Kyle were both so proud to be in this picture!

Both kids did so great and we were proud of them...and excited for competition next year...they will both get to move up a level so will have to work extra hard! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Fred and I were going back and forth about taking an adult trip this year...neither of us could really make a decision! Well....Fred and Dustin kind of made the decision for us...they found the place and resort! Sara and I are so lucky to have them! Sullivans also decided to join us! 
We (Hogans and Us) left on a Monday and drove to Minnesota and stayed with James and Bridget...we may have drank a little too much our night in Minnesota and woke up a little rough! But made it to the airport! And then made it to Dominican Republic with no problems! Sullivans landed a little before we did so they were waiting for us when we got there! I changed my outfit right away to a dress and flip and flops....and managed to leave one tennis shoe in the bathroom! :(  Which made exercising a bit difficult!  

The 6 of us in the water!
The pool was awesome....well everything was! 

Dana and Sara

The men floating away

All dolled up! 

The Ladies! 

Shots of tequila....I will say I did more shots on this trip that I have done in the last 3 years combined! 

Out for supper! 

The 6 of us...again! 

More Pool Time

The 3 guys loving the ocean....the waters were a little rough

Getting ready to take yet another shot....

All Smiles

Ready to Go

The bartender did a good job of catching it all!

And done...

A day of sun! 

Fred and I at the beach!

Dustin and Jason

Dana and Sara again!

Fred and I....Fred was the most relax I have seen in years!

A selfie!

Us Again!

We found this disco club that was at the resort...but off the beaten path...we saw some interesting things....but fun for a night!

Out for a stroll

This was our last the hot tub...the hot tub was not hot so we did not stay in long!

We did shots this night as well...and I did NOT feel well in the morning....and we had to fly....and I was not feeling good...again!


Coors lite bottles!

Dustin and Fred are so cute together!

Myself and Fred...AGAIN!

They had a photographer there...and this was one of the poses...I think Sullivans pulled it off perfectly...;)

The 3 guys!

Checking out the resort!

IT was a great trip with great friends!