Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another Random

Another photo dump from my big camera!

Kael painting!  It did not last that long....but the 10 minutes he did paint he had fun!

This is Kael helping Daddy get the new TV out we HAD to buy because Kael was playing and threw something at our old TV and broke it!

I told Fred when Kael goes to college and wants us to buy him a TV......I will tell him "tough luck Buddy....we have already "bought" you a tv"

How Kael watches the IPAD

Fred has mastered the art of jumping over the kids!

They love it!

Mommy and Kyle

Both of my Boys!

I love this one!

All 3 before Kreighton's spring concert!

Daddy holding all 3!

Grandpa came over for supper one night!

Kreighton and Mommy before the Cinderella Play

We (well Louie) took down our grove!

The kids loved the nice weather and picking up sticks!

Kael reading books in his brother's bed!

He loves it!

Spring break fun....pipe cleaners and a colander 

Kreighton loved organizing the buttons!

Kyle playing with his Super Heros!

Kreighton was a superstar this day and kept her brothers entertained for me for a while!

Who would have thought buttons and cupcake pans would be entertaining!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I feel like we have not done too much the last few weeks....(waiting for some nice weather)
Plus I have the made the mistake of only using my camera phone....which does take good pictures, but my big camera takes much better pictures!

Kyle has taken up the art of meditation....he says he gets it from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (he also only ate pizza for a weekend and starting calling Fred Shredder)

Kael wearing his Daddy's boots!

I took Kreighton, Lauren, Lindsay, Kyle, and Brady to the new  RiversEdge in Independence, the girls loved hitting balls and then boys loved the hunting game!

Kael likes pickle juice?

Kreighton went to Addie's Birthday Party at the W in Waverly and had a blast swimming and rock climbing!

All smiles!

The boys got outside

Kreighton wearing her Dad's  football jersey  to the concert!

She was pretty excited!

Kreighton and her friend Elsie

Kael doing puzzles with Great-Grandma

The boys doing dishes....later they got naked!

Kreighton sporting her ISU stuff 

Kael sleeping naked with his motorcycle (no that is not a typo Kael thinks it is a motorcycle)

The boys playing cowboys!

He is seemed to take a long time....but he even wakes up dry sometimes!

At the movies....sometimes Kyle is more excited to be with his sister than Kreighton is to be with him!

Kreighton lost her 1st tooth!

Lucky the Leprechaun showed up!

We took Kreighton, Lauren, Lindsay, Peyton, and Laynee to the play Cinderella....which was an awesome performance!

Moroneys came home and Clara came to our house and watched Frozen!

At Great Grandpa and Grandma Moroneys

Lots and lots of fun at PinOak and here is Fisher's million dollar smile!

This is where I wished I had my big camera we had the whole room to was awesome!

Fisher and Kreighton

We LOVE cousin time!

The kids were excited about going swimming at the hotel in Independence last Monday when there was no school.

Kyle has been building lots and lots of castles

Lindsay, Kreighton, and Lauren in rain boots  and Old Navy Fleeces!

AND the snow melted and we were surprised (well not really too surprised) to find LeaAnn's swimsuit bottoms from last year!

We have had lots of fun.....but so very ready for some nice weather !!!!