Friday, May 5, 2017

Iowa Games

This year we made it to a few Iowa Football Games 

First Kreighton got to go to a game 
 We found Herky! 
 Kreighton and Grandpa walking into Kinnick! 
Fred and I went to the Iowa/Iowa State Game  the only game we both want to go to! 

We rode down with Hogans and Sullivans came to visit us! 

 Just two Iowa Fans and lone Iowa State Guy!
All 6 of us!

It was a fun game...well mostly because Iowa won! 

Kyle got to go to his first Hawkeye Football Game!  And Uncle James was home and also went to the game.

Tail-gating with Grandpa and Uncle James

We walked over and saw Elisa, Kerri, and Sara....Keri had a son there that played catch with Kyle so he was happy!

Walking into the game with Uncle James

Happy Kid

 All four of us! Kyle was hoping for a Desmond King touchdown....which did not happen...but he still loved the game!
Walking out with Grandpa Craig!

I love this picture...I loved getting to go to games with my dad growing up...and we bought two tickets from my parents so next year my kids will get to go to a lot of games! 


This past October I did my 3rd Marathon! I picked the Minneapolis one...because my roommate Nikki and her sister were doing it and because I have a lot of family up there.  I trained all summer which was not easy having surgery and going on vacation. This times training seemed much harder than in previous two...I am assuming it had something to do with age. 

Kyle played soccer on Saturday so as soon as his soccer was over my parents, the kids, Fred and myself headed up to Minnesota. We stayed at James and Bridget's...James was gone back to Iowa for a wedding...but Bridget was a super sister in law and stayed back in Minnesota. 

It was a little chilly the morning of the Fred took me down to the start...we left the kids back sleeping. Fred stayed with me until the race started....I have turned him into the BEST race husband...he knows exactly what to do. 

I was in the 2nd wave of runners....Nikki and her sister Andi were in the 1st wave and I did not think I was going to get to see them before the race but I was standing in line for the bathroom and spotted them. I was so happy to see some familiar faces and get a hug from someone who I knew had the same nerves I did. Once the race started I felt great for the most part...I was trying not to worry about my pace and just run...when I did the Chicago one a while back I started out way too fast...but once again tried NOT to think about that. I had my headphones on and tried to get lost in my music and the crowd.  Fred found at the beginning...he was with had started to warm up so I peeled off my long sleeve and handed that off to him. He then went to find Bridget with the kids. About mile 15 I kind of started losing steam but pushed thru...Fred, Bridget, and my parents found me two more times with the kids (like I mentioned he is awesome and so is my family) I got to Mile 20 and started to feel it more...I kept telling myself you have less than an hour of running can do this...stop thinking and just run. My legs were was much hillier than I thought was going to be. I got to Mile 24.5 and my legs cramped so I could see the cramp moving thru my leg. I thought I could not I was done! I stopped for a second and maybe even cried...I had no idea leg cramps could be like this.  For a second I thought about not finishing...Fred had sent me a text they were at the finish line and knew I could not let the kids down. I took out my headphones and told myself "You have to do this" Like I really said those words out loud to myself.  Once I started running the cramps went away and I slowly got closer and closer. I have never been so happy to see my family and the finish line in my whole life. As I crossed the finish line I look over and see Andi...we finished at the same time. But had no idea we were running next to each other!

I finished the race in 4:22:12
These were my splits



My roommate Nikki finished in 3:06:50 and finished in the top 5 in her age group...I now call her Speedy Gonzalez 

Here is a before and after picture with me and the Edwards sisters! 

Here is my cheering crew....Bridget rocks! She went and got cardboard so the kids could make signs...and her and my parents got all 5 kids ready! 

The cutest!

 All done! 

Bridget had left with the kids...but I got one of the ones that were parents are awesome support as Dad had a bad knee and still managed to keep up with Fred. 

I love running and love running long races like this....this race took a toll on me but I will say that I am proud of myself for training and running. And I do have the best support crew out there! On the way home it was easier to stop at Michelle's house and shower so we got to see them as well! 

Monti 5K

The Monti 5K 
I have started doing the Monti 5k in was my 1st race after having Kael...I remember because I was running and someone yelled "didn't you just have a baby" He was about 6 weeks yes...but I ran thru that whole pregnancy so it was too bad. After that I started adding kids to the race...and before too long we had both running strollers and made a day out of it. 
This was our 1st year with NO strollers.  Kreighton ran with friends, Kyle ran with me, and Kael ran with Fred. 

Kyle and Dad before the race...Kyle was super pumped

Fred and Chris with their youngest 

Kael on the go
All done...Kyle and I ran the whole thing and Kyle finished in under 30 minutes...he loved it and  walked once for maybe 10 seconds...I was super proud of him. Kreighton was with Lauren Beyer and they had so much fun competing in the race together. Kael and Fred ran the race with LeaAnn and Chris.

Hot girls after the race...Elsie was out with a knee injury but McKenna, Kreighton, and Lauren Beyer

Running Cousins...Kyle and Parker

Lydia Beyer, Lauren Beyer, Kreighton, Lindsay, Elsie, McKenna, and Kyle
Front Row
LeaAnn, Kading, Kael, and Kiera

After the race the girls came to our house to play outside. 

I love the Monti 5k and the tradition of doing it as a family! 

Kyle Turns 7

In June Kyle turned 7! 

I posted before but he got to go to a baseball game with his friends and throw out the 1st pitch! 

The last year Kyle has changed his tune...he used to be Imaginext, Rescue Bot, or tractor playing kid. I loved it and was a little sad to see him trade all of that in for a ball. He is a sports started with basketball...he would/will play for hours in the shop just shooting hoops and pretending he is the next Steph Curry. Basketball is his favorite but he loves football Odell Beckman Jr is his number one player. He goes back and forth between his favorite team...but usually it is the Vikings...mostly because of Brady Hogan. 

Kyle loves 
His Dad (he sleeps with his Dad almost every night...he goes to bed in his bed but no matter where Fred is sleeping...Kyle finds him and squeezes himself right in there) 
Home (mostly so he can always have the option to shoot basketball) 
Peanut Butter and Jelly (eats at least 2 a day most days more) 
Cubs (world series was hard on him) 

Kyle can take life to seriously sometimes we always have to remind him he is just a kid and it is just a game no reason to get so upset. He cries when the team he is cheering for does not win. At home he is the biggest pot stirrer and can drive his parents and siblings nuts but deep down he has a kind heart that shows at school. He is a rule follower...which is good and bad...but mostly good. 
He has plans to get drafted to the NBA or the Major League...he has not decided. 

Kyle Age 7

Kael Turns 5

Kael turned 5. School had already started for all the kids except preschool. So he and his best buddy Levi spent the day together. 

Turning 5 has been awesome for Kael...he struggled with speech...but thanks to his awesome Aunt Sissy we got him so therapy and it has been a life changer...we had no idea how bad it was. He would go all day at daycare and preschool and not was because no one could understand him. He could not use the back of his he struggled big time with the G sound and the K sound. 

Kael Age 5 

Kael loves 
make believe
his grandmas (all of them) Grandma Marilyn Grandma Sharon and Grandma Cake Balls 
his teachers 
his friends 
school (minus the naps) 
corn dogs 

Even though Kael's toddler stage drove me nuts having my baby turn 5 seemed so crazy to was like the grew up overnight. He also loves being at Grandmas' Houses...he has magnetic blocks and Grandma Sharon's that he can build and build with. He loves going on walks with Grandma and getting her mail.  And Grandma Marilyn he likes to make books. Grandma staples paper together and Kael cuts out of magazines to make a book. Grandma Cakeballs he loves her homemade buns and white and lemon cake balls. He does great at preschool and loves his teachers and friends so much. 
He can still be stubborn and at times it is clear he is the baby of the family.  He can find all reasons to not go to bed and naps are 100% out of the question and have been for quite some time. But he is also my best snuggler and has the best belly laugh and likes to be funny and make people laugh.  He is very particular about what he eats...he loves corn dogs, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, (only ketchup on the bottom and bun CANNOT be ripped) and pickles. He does NOT share his food with anyone! 

Kreighton Turns 9

I have slacked on the birthday posts....but going to try and catch up. 

Kreighton turned 9 
We did not really a party for her....we did serve cake for her at the campsite and she got to be with most of camping buddies so she was happy! 

We bought her a new bike, she got some clothes, and some gift cards. 

I took her lunch at school...she asked for sushi...her favorite! 

Walking to Grandma Sharon's after school

Her Mom (she really does)
*if she thinks I am mad at her she will clean the bathroom
Her Dad
*they can bicker over things...but she hangs on every word he says especially when it comes to sports

She is my easy going 9 year old..she is my people pleaser...she loves getting away from her brothers...being at  either Grandma's without her brothers is like a vacation for her. She loves sushi and pedicures. She does not LOVE shopping in malls and always asks "can we just order it online" She prefers only comfy clothes (black yoga pants and an under armor t-shirt to be exact)  She loves going to Minnesota and spending time with all of her cousins. She says when she get older she wants to be an OTA like her Aunt Sissy.   Overall she is a great girl and we are so proud of her.


Two summers ago (I think) Kreighton started to go up to Minnesota to spend a week with the Moroneys... this last summer her brother got to join...she may or may not have been less then thrilled for her brother to tag along and this was Kyle's 1st time being away from home. 
Bridget keeps the kids so busy that I knew Kyle would not even have time to miss us. 
The fun stuff they get to do is so awesome...I even get a little jealous that I am not there. 

I honestly think my kids wake up in the morning....Bridget asks them what they want to do...they tell her...and she finds a place for them to do whatever they picked. It is one of Kreighton's favorite weeks of the summer...I wonder why?
Oh and Uncle James bought Kyle his first pair of Air Jordans! 
I cannot find the pictures that Bridget sent me...but they did all kinds of fun things! We went up and got them the following weekend and I just love these pictures of when we were leaving. 

Kisses! They rode home with James and Bridget from Lake Panora so these kids spent 10 days together....and still liked each other :) 

Ok maybe this is not so bad 

Nolan going in

We are all smiling

And Aunt Bridget knows how to braid so Kreighton gets her hair braided every morning!  

I just love all these pictures of the kids...they all really do love each other! 

 We spend one night with the Quirings....Kreighton got a birthday doughnut! 

Kyle and Julianna