Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Random Summer

These pictures are just some of the random ones from the end of summer! Wagners were home for about 10 days....the kids had a lot of fun playing with their cousins. They did all sorts of things including running races, wiffle ball, board games, going swimming, and of course driving Big Red.

Kael getting all stretched out to run!

Susan and Kyle

Fred, Kael, and Tommy! 

It is safe to say Big Red got A LOT of miles put on it!

When we went kayaking as a big group we promised the big girls that we would take them on their own...and it worked that we could take them for Lindsay's birthday...the end of know when it would be so hot out and the water would feel great! Well....that was not the case! We had to wear sweatshirts...and I think Laynee even had a stocking hat on! It was cold!

But these girls were troopers...and of course loved it! And did great...they are some tough chicks!

Fred took this picture from the bridge! They made it through the wind and rain and rarely complained!

The ISU Fairy visited Kreighton...and it made her very very very sad! Sometimes I wonder why the ISU Fairy would want to make her sad....I do not think she is that nice :(

Two Thumbs Down!

School Shopping! With Subway for lunch...the kids did great and loved it....I remember thinking it was so nice to be able to take them and have it not be stressful.....but sad that I have no more babies or toddlers but 3 BIG kids! 

And this kind of sums up the kids...Kreighton and Kyle willing to smile when I ask...and Kael telling me he was too tired to even hold up his head and looking at the camera was out of the question! This was the end of the trip and Kael was tapped out!

All 3 for back to school! 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kreighton Turns 8!

Kreighton 8th Birthday! 
For Kreighton's Birthday she wanted to have a "camping birthday" so we pulled our camper to Morewood on a Sunday so the girls could swim and play. I thought it would be easy peasy....the girls would wear themselves out swimming,  we would eat supper, then open presents,  roast marshmallows, and the girls would all crash in the camper watching a movie! However there was some crazy wind going on and it was unseasonably cold for August! So the girls did swim for a while....but then I had to come up with something else for them to do so I quickly put together a scavenger hunt (Oh and I did not have any tape so I had to be creative on home I got the clues to stay in place) 

Swimming Girls!
Sammi Isham, Kreighton, Kate Dolan, Elsie Flexsenhar, Lauren Beyer, Lindsay Beyer, Laynee Hogan,  Macy Kelchen, and Peyton Youngblut 

 1 2 3 


The pictures do not show how cold and windy it was....we had to ask the guy to open up the pool because he had shut it down because he did not think anyone would be crazy enough to swim!

The start of the scavenger hunt!

Reading the clues!

And BURPEES are always fun....right!

I thought so....not sure they did!

Searching for another clue!

And the prize for the scavenger hunt was the game TWISTER!  Which was another thing I had to think of last minute! Thankfully there was a pavilion for them to be in that was out of the wind!

Happy Girls...the girls were great....really no drama and they all played so well together!

Present time!


And it is not a camping trip unless you roast marshmallows!

It is hard to believe our oldest girl is 8!

Kreighton is
-very easy going
-a great big sister...she loves getting to do things for her brothers!
-loves to read...right now it is The Little House on the Prairie, Magic Tree House, and Boxcar Children
-loves sports...anything sports that Kreighton can try...she is all for it!
-loves Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Craig's new room and getting to there all by herself and hang out
-loves Iowa Hawkeyes (thanks to me)
-loves wearing comfy clothes but sometimes likes to put together a cute outfit and then super proud of herself
-loves taking naps...tired Kreighton can lead to sad/emotional Kreighton so she will ask to lay down
-loves getting to do things without her brothers...I always tell her she is a lucky duck since she is the oldest she gets to do this a lot!

Overall we think Kreighton is a great girl and so proud of her and cannot wait to see what the future holds for her!

Thursday, November 5, 2015


We went to Wisconsin this past August (yes I am way behind) with the Moroney side. 

This is the whole gang
Myself, Fred(holding Kael) Grandma Sharon, (hiding) Kyle in front Nolan and Bridget Clara and James Grandpa Craig, Fisher, and Jim, Great-Grandma Doreen, Liz, Cindy, Brad, and Shannon, Kreighton (in front), Mike and Katie, with Will in front.  We were missing Jenny who had already taken her flight back, and John who had just started a new job and had meetings. 

The condos were awesome with lots of space!

And an awesome pool that was really never that busy!

Kyle loved it! And I was totally willing to let Fred take over the swimming part since I took them swimming all summer!

Happy Boys!

Cousin Swim Time is the Best Time

And attacking Brad is so fun!

My happy little fish!

She Shoots!

She scores!

And what Kreighton was waiting for...this....getting to hold Baby Theo!

Kyle trying to get him to laugh!

It is safe to say he got plenty of attention!

Grandma and her girls!

Kyle not wanting to be left out of the mix!

QB1 like his dad????


So fun!

Super Dad

There was a lake for the kids to swim in

I think he would have stayed all day

Baby Theo just chilling!

Pool Noodles turned into weapons!

Love this one Fisher loved playing with all of his cousins!

Making cards for Great-Grandma

The weather was not great so it was awesome that the condos were big enough that the kids could have somewhere to go!

Maybe just woke up?

This is awesome!

Will's Turn

Working hard on Grandma's Cards!

Kael also loved the water!

Throws from Dad are the best!
I still have the baby touch!

Matching Jammies!

I mean check out the cuteness!
Will, Kreighton, Clara, Nolan, Theo, Fisher, Kyle, and Kael
With one more coming to the bunch in Janurary

Great-Grandpa's Birthday Cake

Surrounded by love!

With a little help from the adults...all the great grandkids

And glow-sticks....Bridget found these awesome ones!

No kids got lost with glow necklaces and flashlights!

Love Nolan's face!

Happy Kreighton
Beat up on Uncle Fred

Uncle James joining in on the fun!

Thinking he can take Fred....yeah right!

You better leave that one for the kids!

Such Sweet Sleeping Boys

The condos were so awesome we could lay the kids down and then play games! Grandma was a trooper and sometimes one of the last ones to go down. I love this picture of Grandma something must have been so funny! 

Jenny and Kreighton! 

The Perrys!

Grandpa Craig, James, and Fred, and being photo-bombed by Miss Clara!

Playing before boating!

Sissy and Kreighton enjoying some virgin drinks

Brad, Dad, and Fred

Add Jim to the mix!

Boys playing!

Love all the smiles and tans! 

A picture of us!

Happy Family

These pictures were taken at this awesome outside cute bar (that I could have stayed at all day)

We had rented a boat all day....but the weather did not cooperate and did not think we going to be able to go but it cleared up a little bit in the afternoon and we were able to go out for a short boat ride!  

Andrew driving the boat and letting Kyle take a turn!

Kael's Turn

Clara's Turn

And Kreighton's turn!

It was really Brad was "helping" the boys!
Love this picture of the 3!

The condo had games in it...which was great because it was a little rainy!

And Brad was awesome and took the time and played with Kreighton

Fred...being Fred

And also love this picture of Cindy and Dad....we always tease them about how much they talk on the phone....but I love how close they are!

And on the way home...we stopped at Orange Leaf...the kids loved it!

It was such a fun that it is easier to go on trip with no babies and the kids are getting easier and easier. And I of course love how we still vacation with family and we all have fun together. I can't wait for next year!