Friday, September 25, 2015

GO Hawkeyes!

Last weekend the Hawkeyes played it worked for Kreighton and I to go to the game....with soccer on Saturdays it makes it hard to get to games!  We rode down with Mom and Dad...a super bonus to never have to worry about parking or food! 
Plus it was gorgeous day so I was beyond excited to be outside and watch football!

Kreighton, Brooklyn and Hayden Gallery, and Piper Reck all hanging out in Doug's truck! 

Robert (who was being inducted into the ANF Hall of Fame), myself, and Randy!  Class of 1999! 

I think these 4 girls would have hung out all day!  And it was super fun to see them all be fast friends! 

I asked Robert to use his size as intimidation factor and tell Kreighton to only cheer for the Hawks...I think it worked! #noshameinmygame

Another bonus is that mom and dad's tailgate is right next to Carver Hawkeye so the girls and I went over to go to the bathroom!  The funny thing is that I remember tailgating with Randy when I was younger...and Mom and Dad have been tailgating with Doug and LuAnn for this is the 3rd generation of tailgating friends from the Reck/Moroney group!

I walked over and saw his eyes I am guessing he hit the whole tailgating thing a little harder than I did :)

Aunt KiKi and Kreighton!

Some of the Moroney Gals!

Kreighton thought it was pretty cool that Robert's picture is on the stadium....and so do I!

Grandpa Craig and Kreighton!

Now with Grandma Sharon!

Me with my favorite Girl! 

We were in the W section!

The girls behind us...who were super nice...slightly...ok A LOT intoxicated kept wanting to take Kreighton and I's picture...which was so nice...and kept telling me over and over how cute it was that I brought Kreighton to the game...and I kept hearing them telling each other the same story over and over...I am SO glad I NEVER acted like that when I was in my lower 20s!

This was another picture they thought it would be cute if we posed together! Like I said they had had more than there share to drink!

Kreighton and Grandpa Craig....after the Hawks kicked a 57 yard field goal to win!
It was an awesome game...and I think Kreighton loves Kinnick as much as I do! She loved learning about the game of football and wanted to know how to read scoreboard and how many downs they have to get 10 yards and just about any other question she could think of to ask....I would have to say for only being 8 she knows quite a bit!

It was after midnight before we got home....but totally worth the trip! The next morning Kreighton wanted to know all about Robert...when he played, which position, what did he do, and why was he so good. So I pulled up old YouTube videos of him and she watched paying very close attention...I thought it was so funny how into it she was! 

Kreighton is already asking when she gets to go back!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Broken Arm/Kael 1st Day/KP LunchThat

Kael had his 1st Day of school the week after the other 2 started...he was pretty excited to go and told me he was an adult now and was going to build a house soon that I could come visit but NOT stay with him. 

Kael and Daddy

Mommy and Kael...I think I was falling over and he was holding me up!

On his way...."don't worry about me Mom"

He has Mrs. Shaffer for a teacher...who is gone on maternity leave for the 1st 8 his sub is Mrs. Staton and Mrs. Dolan (who we love) is his aide. The 1st few days for Kael went fine...but then the newness wore off and there was a note on one of his papers that Kael refused to trace...which made me worry so after emailing a few times with his teachers we both decided that maybe 2.5 days was too much for him and we should cut back to only mornings...he still rides the bus there I just pick him up after that just started this is a struggle getting him on the bus and he tells me it is so BORING! And he hates picking up other kids....I mean the struggle is real...right! However he does seem happier only being there 1/2 days and having me pick him up!

On Kael's 1st Day of school....the school called me...and I thought Oh No Kael ran away or something like that....but it was not was Kyle he had fallen off the monkey bars and landed on his wrist....this all sounded far too familiar because the same thing happened to Lydia Beyer less then a week prior. So I picked him up....and off to visit Aunt KiKi we went!

X-Ray time!

He was very brave! Not even one tear shed!

And there it is...a buckle fracture!

But he was still smiling!

They wrapped him up and off to Dana's office we went!

To get a RED cast!  Nurse Dana was the 1st one to sign!

Shopping at Hy-Vee he was willing to show his cast to anyone!

That night we did our annual Moroney/Dolan/Perry/Lange/Peck/Lake back to school supper! Love Charlotte's face!
Off to school to show off his new cast!

The next day was Kreighton's I went and had lunch with her and after some convincing from Kyle she wanted him there as well!

Happy Kids!

Elyse and Kreighton

Elyse, Kreighton, Tayla, Sammie, and Kate in the background!  After I took this picture they all said..."Send it to our Moms"

And I quickly snapped a picture of Kyle and Lydia in their casts....after two falls on the monkey bars and two broken bones....Kindergarden and 1st Grades are NOT allowed on the monkey bars...
The next day Rylee Short got hurt at PE so now there is 3 kids in the same class with broken arms!

Whew...that was a busy couple of days!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Kael Turns 4!

Kael turned 4!  The 1st day of school for the older 2 Kael had his birthday! So it was kind of over shadowed with school and Kreighton being sick and Kyle had soccer practice....but we did get to celebrate at Okoboji with cake and later the next day with friends! 

Cake....a construction cake! When he gets older he wants to be a "worker" at Grandma's Steve. Mom and Dad put on a new addition and Steve is the guy that built it and Kael thinks he is pretty cool and loved to watch him work. 

He wanted a boy baby....Kreighton was more than happy to play babies with him. 

And he got to go to Waverly with Fred and Glen and check out the  fixed combine....and of course come home with a new toy!

And maybe not the nicest thing I did....but scheduled him a dentist appt....but he did great...I could NOT believe it...of all my kids he did the greatest....I figured I would not even get him in the chair but not only did he get in the chair he let Dr. Brad give him laughing gas and fill a cavity!

The Day after his birthday I took Kael, Levi Hogan, and Owen Kress to AirFx to have some fun! 

3 was so funny they loved it! 

All smiles!

Monkey Levi!

3 best buddies...everyone thought they were brothers!

They could be trouble!

I wanted to go to a park but they pleaded with me to go to we did and they had fun...again!

It was a really fun morning and the boys loved it....and I of course impressed them with my dodgeball skills!

Kael got lots of things
Sissy and Brad-Legos...which they are never allowed to buy again!
Grandma and Grandpa and Perrys-Magnetic Tiles
Grandma and Grandpa Peck-took him shopping and got Army guys
Michelle and the girls-something but I cannot remember right now
Mom and Dad-boy baby and a few other toys

Kael is my pretty typical 4 year old...he loves playing with his brother and before he does anything he asks "Is Kyle doing it" 
He loves his mom
He refuses to nap....which drives me nuts...because he can turn into such a crab!
He is my wildcard and I have no idea what is going to come out of his mouth
If he does not want to do something he tells me it is boring 
He loves his Grandmas....for his birthday he wanted his party to be all 3 Grandmas and Levi
He can play solo really well but would much rather have someone to entertain him
He is going to preschool 2.5 days a week and right now does not like going but is fine once he gets there
He has started speech right work on his Cs and Gs
He loves cookies and chocolate
He refuses to eat anything that is broken...crackers or cookies
He gives the best hugs and kisses
He can be the sweetest boy we know 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Carlee Volleyball!

Last year I started somewhat following West Deleware volleyball....they were a good team and their setter was Carlee Ketchum...who is my cousin...(my dad's 1st 1/2 cousins granddaughter) distant but none fun to see her name in the paper a lot for doing so well...they made it to state last year so Dad, Kreighton, and I went and watched after that Kreighton thought Carlee was THE COOLEST person out there....she even got a stink eye from and older lady for cheering too loud...
So Carlee started baby-sitting for the kids off and on, Kreighton and I went to Carlee's prom grande march, and Carlee even worked at the Manchester Pool so we got to see her a lot all summer....and Kreighton and the boys adored her! So when Kristi (Carlee's Mom) emailed saying that she had a tourney in sounded like a perfect Saturday outing for Kreighton and I to go to! And West Deleware is ranked #1 right I knew we would get to watch some fun volleyball!

Kristi did not tell Carlee we were she was surprised to see her after the 1st match. 

Kreighton and I cheering on the West Deleware Hawks!

Warming up!

After an awesome set that led to an even better kill! She is really so much fun to watch out there!

And it was not surprising that they won the tournament....not only did they win but no team but Indee even came close to beating them.  And I love this one....Kreighton was waiting so patiently for Carlee after the game to give her a hug!

And this one as well!

Happy Girls!

And what Carlee put on her Instagram page....we love her....she is the one of the sweetest girls out there!

It was a fun day...Kreighton thought she was so awesome...she got to sit with Carlee and the team between games...and volley with some of the other kids..I even caught her trying to set just like Carlee!
We cannot wait for more West Deleware Volleyball!

And while the girls were away....the boys played....I think they had just as much fun as we did.....

Kael pumping Kyle up!

Kyle pumping Kael up....this would never lead to an injury....right?

And why not let Kyle have a sharp big deal??? At least Kael is wearing safety goggles!

Boys Boys Boys

And I am not sure how long this Glen Peck sign has hung in our yard....but A LOT of years....but since Fred took over the dealership Pioneer sent us a new sign....and the boys helped Daddy hang the sign....
I wonder if there will be a 3rd generation of a Peck Pioneer Seed Salesman!