Thursday, November 13, 2014

Kael's 3rd Birthday Supper!

We had Kael's 3rd Birthday Supper!

They were all willing to help!

Especially Kyle...hoping this would mean Kael will "share" his toys!

Daddy being so silly!

Kael's Turn!

Cake Time....

Blowing out the candles!

Kreighton and Brad!

Matching striped shirts!

The boys with our kitty Flowers!

Family Picture!

Wrestle Time with Brad!

Kyle's Turn!

Kael with his Grandparents!

He had a fun night....he got Imaginext Toys, ambulance, firetruck,  and Rescue Bots!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Olympic Tri!

So this was also a big part of my for my Olympic 1st one of the this distance!    It was on a Sunday in Palo....and I was smart this time around and booked spots at the campground! I would prefer races to be on Saturday so I can somewhat relax the rest of the weekend....BUT I am not in charge....BUT we did take advantage of the awesome weather and the beach!

Kyle loving the beach!

Kael not far behind!

Kreighton and Fred

Sand castles!


Love their matching smiles!

Happy Boys!

Family Time....Jim and Cindy, Liz, Andrew, and Fisher, Grandpa and Grandma, and Mom and Dad came up for fun!

Grandpa and Grandma...caught them holding onto hands!

Kael making sure he is not left out!

Kreighton and Fisher going for a Burley ride!

It was hot...and Grandma Sharon came to the rescue with plastic containers to fill up with water!

Fishing at night!

This is ok...right guys?

Loving fishing...Kael had gone home with Mom and would have been a lot of work for Fred to keep him entertained during the race!

The morning of the was a really nice for me to wake up and walk down to the race...a little lonely....but nice!

Ready to cheer mom on....they really had it nice...there was even an IPAD for them to watch:)

Me getting ready....notice the fog!

In line ready to go!  Notice that I am one of the only ones without a wet suit!!!!  Probably should have gotten one!

I am somewhere in the mix of all these swimmer!

Done with the swim!

Finishing the bike!

26 miles down....6.2 to go!

AND almost done with my run!

All done with my favorite fans!

Looking back it was an awesome day....and I really did love it!  A LOT!  I think I was in a little over my head....

My bike....looked like a Huffy 10 speed compared to what others had!

Goggles...I heard people asking each other if they were going to wear their light ones or dark ones....I had no idea there was a difference!

Tires...people talking about fixing their tires...WHAT? if something happens to my tire Fred better be close by or I am SCREWED!

The fog....when I was swimming I was 100% convinced I had taken wrong turn and was swimming towards Iowa City!

The really was not too bad....I can't say I enjoyed it the whole time...but once I got to turn around and start back and it went really fast!

Kreighton....she begged me to try and win I told her I would try my hardest and we watched awards and I did not get one...she looked at my ticket which said I got 6th in my age group...she was really proud that I was only 3 away from getting award (I later found out there was only 6 people in my division.....but what does that matter!)

Kyle....I also loved seeing his smiling face when I finished!

Liz, Andrew, and Fisher camped Saturday night and stayed to cheer me on for the race!

Kreighton also convinced me to get a massage....which was also a great idea!

And Fred....who let me train all summer and hardly complained!  And keeping the kids entertained and knowing how important it is for me to see the kids during the race!

And last was a random lady telling me that I would sign up for the 1/2 Ironman Tri next year....I used to think she was crazy....but maybe she did know what she was talking about!

Shannon's Bachelorette Party in AZ

In August we went to AZ for Shannon's Bachelorette in AZ....everyone thought we were crazy for going in August....but we completely lucked out and there was a "cold front" and it did not get over 100 degrees! Plus it rained which I guess is not normal for AZ!  We stayed at an awesome Hyatt Resort and got some pretty awesome rooms thanks to Bridget!

Katie and Angie soaking up the sun! 
Paige, Katie, Shannon, and Vicki!

The bride and her maids!

I was loving the sun and the relaxation!

The spa was included....thanks to Bridget!

Angie and Katie!

Out to eat....we had to change plans last minute bc the piano bar I had booked was too far way...(I could never be a travel agent)

Dierks Bentley was an awesome open air bar!

I think I could go every night!

Out for a stroll...and loving the weather!

It was an awesome time with great girls...cannot wait for the wedding!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wisconsin Dells!

This summer we took a Peck Family Vacation to the Dells....I have more pictures somewhere....but these are the ones that I found!  We stayed at the Kalahari in a condo....that is a lot of Pecks under one roof!

We made cream treats!

Ella and Kreighton

My family stayed there two winters ago and KP could not wait  to get her hair braided again!

On our way over the waterparks!

We rented cabanas which was perfect for Kael to take naps in!

Lucky Kreighton hanging out with her awesome older cousins!

And of course her super cool mom!

Napping again!

Happy Kyle!

And this is where I got wires at a pool....not safe!  We did get the cabana free....for one day....I think if my brother James would have been there we would have gotten the whole thing for free!