Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Buchanan County Fair

This year for the fair Kreighton was involved in two different things...the pie baking contest and she wrestled the pig....TWO things that I also did when I was little....
She baked a pie with Great-Grandma Doreen....I also baked a pie with Grandma Will joined in this year on the fun! And she wrestled the pig with her Baragary cousins...Parker Kress, Tate Krebsbach, and Peyton Youngblut. WHICH I also did with Allison Tetzlaff and Kelly Lange...and I cannot remember who our 4th was...however we were good and WON more than one year! We also dressed up one year we were seed sacks...AND I do not think it was Pioneer....OOPS!
Fred and I were in Nashville so we missed out on the fun (but wait missing out on the fun...we were in NASHVILLE...so not missing much) 

Here they are....trying hard!

And getting dirty!

So much fun had by all!
Even though I missed I heard they did great and had fun and tried hard....but maybe
the pig was a little too big for these little ones!  Cousin Sean has offered to help for next year coaching two-a-day practices to get them ready!

Another picture I got from my mom....LeaAnn and Kyle!

Great-Grandma and Kreighton

Kreighton and Will
Their pie sold for one of the highest priced pies to be remembered....top one of the night!  

So thanks so much to my family for helping out getting my kids back and fourth....it could not have happened with out then! And Dad...yes MY DAD took all 3 kids to the fair by himself...granted he met Katie there and then later Sissy and Brad....but got the kids inside on his own....I think there were a few moments with Kael that tested some limits (maybe Uncle Brad the most...something with a hamburger) BUT overall it was a great few days for the kids! 

More Camping Fun

Since the girls lost their softball game we were able to go on our canoe trip we had planned on Friday the 3rd!  We rented to canoes/kayaks in Manchester...the kids were included on this trip and they were all excited! My Dad thought we were crazy for taking Kael and he all but almost kidnapped him from the campground to keep him from going...Fred and I knew we he would be fine....and he was!

Here they are patiently waiting! 

Getting all ready to go!

Back to Kael...the 1st 45 minitues he said over and and over "Get me on Dryland NOW"  it was pretty cute! But after he got the hang of it...he did great! 

Kyle was all smiles! 

The Kids...there were a few moments...of "Oh My is this Safe" it did not help that the life jackets that came with the canoes were far too big for the kids to wear....not sure why the guy told me Adult Smalls would fit 8-10 year old girls...FYI they don't!

And scary moments for some of the adults as well....I think Shannon was wondering why she came....but she said "Freddy came to my rescue"  I was ahead of that group....so I missed all that action!

It was a great day on the river...we got to get out at Baileys Ford where we were all camping!

Games and Movies at the Beyers!

The boys helping Fred make some grilled potatoes

Hopefully they pick up some cooking hints from Fred!

Playing at the beach...again!

They brought down the big tractors this time!

On the 4th we went to Independence and watched Brad play volleyball....they had a few things for kids...it was hot and kind of a long day for the boys so we came back to the camper...the boys were asleep by 8 and Kreighton went and watched fireworks....with someone! 


Kyle and Brady wrestling...it was hilarious to watch these 2! 
It was intense....

BUT they were laughing....

and having fun!


BUT still friends!

Bowen being one of the big kids!

Look how sweet Brady is...letting Bowen "beat him"

And he is still laughing!

Will came over for the day!

It was a great week of camping at Baileys with a  great group of peeps!   

Thursday, July 23, 2015


We camped the whole week of the 4th at Baileys Ford...it started off rainy but ended up being nice out!

Rain leads to mud puddles...which leads to happy boys! 

Seriously made their night!

Boys....plus Whitney!

Kreighton and Laynee made the longest rubber band bracelet ever!

Levi, Whitney, and Lydia

Look at sweet CJ

Whitney and Kael....not sure why but he wore that bike helmet most of the weekend????

Lauren and Kreighton 

I told Lindsay to take a picture with the coolest person at the campground....and look who she picked!

These 2 are going to cause us  A LOT of trouble....I think!

My sweet Kyle 

Look out Kindergarten....these 3 are coming! And all have the same teacher!

Really these kids love each other....

Check out Brady's Blue Eyes! 

Teaching Kreighton a game she learned at camp!


Jayme had these awesome lanterns....the kids thought they were coolest thing ever!

Love this picture of Whitney putting the moves on Kyle...:)

And it is off!

Lindsay and Kreighton....cute picture of both of them!

Laynee was the only smart one to put her suit on!

Fun in the water!

And football on the sand!

They loved it and even marked out lines in the sand for out of bounds!

During the week we had swimming lessons....so these two went to Great-Grandma's to eat lunch while Kael had his lessons...it worked pretty slick!

Movie Night!

Kyle and Brady...again....at Kreighton and Laynee's last softball game!

Kreighton with her cousins Carlee and Shelby

Kreighton with all 3 of her Grandma's....and Kael 

And the post that Carlee put on her wall...so sweet....Kreighton loves and adores her cousin Carlee!

The sadly lost their game...they had such a fun season and finished Number 1 for the regular season....just could not get a win in the tournaments....but none the less they had a great season with great coaches and girls....and I cannot wait for next year!

More to come....these were just the first few days!