Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Kael helping Dad in plant 
Will, Kyle, and Kael at Dean's Baptism

Dean's Baptism

Dean looking dapper in his outfit

Kreighton getting something blessed from Deacon Tim

Dean was the man of the hour

Abbey Thurn had her in laws dog get away from her...
Fred and I saw in near our house but could not catch her...then one morning Will and I were coming home from Indee bc he was spending the day with us and I spotted her with Will's help and Fred bring the Ranger down we were able to catch her. I am pretty sure if any of my neighbors would have seen me running through the field they would have thought I had officially lost my mind. Kreighton was excited to spend a little time snuggling Lucy until they came out and got her. 

Kyle sleeping with his ISU basketball

Kael helping Dad get his seed orders ready to go out. 

And he looked pretty cool doing it

Kael and I decided to some chickens...without asking was a surprise!

Kael thought he was pretty cool!

After the March of Dimes I introduced the Beyer Girls to Sushi! They loved it!

Kyle lost his tooth...finally! 

He was pretty excited!

Kael loves going on walks with Grandma

Kreighton taking care of Dean

First Communion

Kreighton made her 1st Communion 

Deacon Tim giving Kreighton her cross 
She picked out her own dress and I even let her get her hair done

The whole class
Back Row Kaylor Wilson, Elsie Flexsenhaur, Carson Curtis, Kate Dolan
Front Row Trevor Lindsay, Adrie Dudley, Kreighton Peck, and Jacob Years

Kreighton with Ella and Julianna

Kreighton and Great Grandma 

Mom and Dad with Kreighton

Uncle James and Kreighton

Julianna and Dean

Kreighton and Angie
Kreighton with Uncle Brad and Aunt Sissy

Grandma Marilyn and Grandpa Glen

Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Craig

Uncle Mike and Aunt Katie

Kyle and Abe being silly!

Julianna photobombing!

Crazy Faces

Kate, Kreighton, and Elsie! These 3 have been the best of friends since  Kindergarten!

It was a special fun day for Kreighton...I can still remember getting my 1st Communion in Masonville and having a party at the house on the farm.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Harlem Globetrotters

Brad's Dad got us tickets to go to the Harlem Globetrotters....we are so lucky! The kids were super excited! 

Kyle down on the floor

Kreighton and Kael sharing popcorn

Kyle begged for a jersey...I always thought those parents that would pay $50 for a jersey were crazy!  However seeing how excited he was...I caved! Well Grandma and Grandpa did as well because they gave him some money and I told him he had to give me $20 out of his piggy bank. PLUS we did not pay for the you know it was worth it! :)

Happy Little Boy! 

Then how do you tell one kid they can get one and not the other one.....well you can't...but you can tell a "fib" to the youngest and make him believe that the other two were lucky enough to "win" the jerseys...he kept waiting to hear his name to be called :)

Happy Kids...Happy Dad

So then I did not know this but they signed autographs after the game...making the jerseys that much more awesome!

The BIG Easy...Kyle's Favorite!

It was an awesome experience! 

They were Great Entertainers! 

The BIG Easy!

Happy Kids!

Such a FUN night!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Iowa Baseball Game

I signed up the kids to for the Junior Hawk Club  and they sent out an email that they had an opportunity to throw out the 1st pitch at a baseball game.  I signed Kreighton up and she was chosen...she was pretty excited! It was a chilly spring Saturday and Kreighton, Grandpa Craig, Grandma Sharon, and myself went to the game. Fred was in the fields, Kyle at the time was a Cyclone Fan, and I was not sure if we were going to stay for both games and that would be way too long for Kael. 

Kreighton and the Head Baseball Coach 

She thought it was pretty cool to be right on the field

Getting ready to throw the 1st Pitch

All ready...I wanted to tape it but I hit the wrong button

Meeting all the Players

They were all so nice to her! 
And she ate it up!
Mom and Kreighton

She got a swag bag...and lots of baseballs

It was Grandpa Craig's 1st Hawkeye Baseball Game! 

It was a fun afternoon....and made me wish we lived in Iowa would be so much fun to make it a regular thing!