Thursday, January 22, 2015

Play Date!

The kids got out early Lauren, Lindsay, and Laynee came over and played with Kreighton and Brady came and played with Kyle!  Fred put up Kreighton's  loft that Quirings gave us and she was one excited girl and could NOT wait to show her friends!  She requested to have snacks in her room ready to go when they got off the bus!  

And I did what she asked!  Everything tastes better in fancy glasses and on toothpicks!

4 Happy Girls!  They loved it!  And requested I clean up while they did homework.....;)

The boys were more interested in getting outside!

But soon decided to come in to farm!  It was hilarious listening to them....they knew what they were talking about!

And even let Kael be a part of their operation!

Just missing Levi!

Then Fred put the girls to work....addressing letters for Pioneer!

But of course the girls were ok with it once Fred offered up the cash!

It was a fun afternoon and so thankful I have a house that can fit all these great friends!  They all did great!


This past weekend the kids and I went up to Minnesota...Fred stayed home he has been super dad/husband taking care of all of us....running us to Dr Appts, pharmacy, and over all just being awesome!  

So we decided it would be better for him to stay home and get caught up on stuff and relax!  The kids and I left about 12....we met up with Grandpa Craig about 20 minutes outside of the city and he drove the rest of the way....I thought for sure we would get stuck in traffic and all the kids would have to go to the bathroom....of course there was no traffic and we would have just been fine! 

Sissy playing with the boys!  It was fun to see all 3 playing together!

Kreighton snuggling with Sissy!

Saturday we took the boys to the Ice was really neat to see!  I wish Fred could have been there because he would have understood how they were made!

They really looked like Elsa's Castle!  Anna and Elsa were there but the boys thought they were "too cool" to get their picture taken with them!

Kyle's Throne!

They had an awesome slide that Kyle had fun on!

He is getting so brave....last year there is no way he would have went down this slide without someone with him!

But he would get his picture taken with Olaf!

Seriously so NEAT!

Kreighton got the royal treatment! she is at Tea Party with her American Girl Doll and Clara!

They got to make bracelets and get their hair done. They also learned all about manners!

Elizabeth Clara's cousin on the other side also went along!

All 3 Girls!

Then Mary Lou (Bridget's Mom) took the girls to the Ice I said Kreighton got the Royal Treatment!

By the time the Girls got there there was over an hour wait to get a picture with Anna and Mary Lou had the girls stand there with The Princesses in the background!  Then the 3 girls got to spend the night with Mary Lou!

Saturday night the neighbor boy came over and watched the 3 little boys while we got to go out to eat!  The food was AWESOME! 
James and Mom....we went to this neat underground bar after supper!

Myself and Bridget

Brad...being COOL!

Then my wonderful husband who I really wanted to to relax and get caught up on "stuff" built this for me....lockers for the kids!  They will all have their own space to put their coats, bags, etc!  I am so excited!

It was a great/short trip!  The kids did awesome on the way home.....we stopped once for a quick potty break and made it home in under 3 hours!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pictures from Our Week!

Last week was nothing too exciting....but since I am really trying to keep my blog updated I thought I would share some pictures!

Ryan and the Girls came over for supper.....the kids love having Kading to play with and Kreighton loved mothering Reagan!

Here is my little popstar Kyle!  I am sure one day he will appreciate these pics!

And then there is Kael....mittens, boots, and no pants and maybe no underwear :)

These 2! 

Kael was lucky to be here when our new tractor arrived home!

Daddy and Grandpa Glen were at a meeting....thank goodness Kael and Grandpa Craig were here to help get the  job done!

Testing out the new tractor!

Kyle woke up with a swollen gland we went to the dr to make sure he was ok to go to Minnesota....he decided to try to find his inner Turtle Power...I guess the Rat does this on the movie?????

Ice Experiment

I decided that the kids needed something to do after seems like they get home....we do homework, have a snack, and watch TV so I can get ready for supper!  So I decided to have something planned for them when they got off the bus and found this great idea off Pinterest and the kids loved it! I froze ice in different containers and then the kids sprinkled salt to melt some of the ice and make some "ravines and roads" then they put food coloring to see it run through the ice.  To make it a little more fun for the boys I froze some of their little guys and cows in there as well. Kreighton told Kyle "Daddy froze your toys because you would not go to bed last night" which was not true....but kind of funny!  

Kreighton hard at work...she loved the food coloring part the most!

Frozen Containers

Of course on Pinterest they looked way more colorful.....but it worked for the most part!

Kyle loved breaking the ice the most!

Which did not surprise me...I think a bigger ice block and more things in it will a super fun summer project!

Kreighton was all about using as much salt as possible!

Helping her brothers

Kael joining in on the fun!

Kyle tried the screw driver

Almost out....the boys were pretty smart and took them in the bathroom and ran hot water over the ice to help!

Kreighton brought the hot water to the pan....which made a bigger mess when I attempted to clean up

Almost out!

It was fun and easy and too see all the kids worked together!  Kreighton even figured out that is why they put salt on the melt the ice!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Levi Over to Play!

Today Levi Hogan came over to play....Kael and Levi are only about 10 days apart and Sara and I usually meet up in Aurora about 2-3 days a week....but since my surgery I have not been going as much or at all!
And Kael has been missing his buddy Levi so he came over today for a play date!  I surprised Kael when I picked him up from preschool and told him Levi was coming over....he was pretty excited!  Sara and I always say that really do kind of treat each other like brothers....they can be best of buddies but they can get mad at each other as well....but forget about it as soon as they do!  I am very curious to see how school goes when they start!

The played well and I was a little surprised at some of the things they did play....I figured it would be all farming and super heroes....which they played some of that but also....

Broke out some board games!

"Pop the Pig"

Kael refused to look at the camera!

Snuggled in the chair and read books!

They were giggling so hard!

Kind of looking!

 And then they were quiet in Kreighton's room....and I thought for sure Kael found a marker and was marking all over Kreighton's room....but I was very surprised to see them having a tea party????

They loved it!

Pink room and tea party....

All smiles!

Then putting together a puzzle!

Which they did all by themselves!